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Engineering Department H&S Conducts Fire Drill and Evacuation

The SCT Health and Safety Committee and Engineering Department conducted a chain of events related to Fire Drill  and  Evacuation Procedures

EVENT -1 “Fire Drill – Emergency Procedures” was held on  17 May 2016 in MECH6L at 12.00 noon – 1.45 pm . The resource persons are Engr.Ali Bawin, Manager, Training and Development, Port of Salalah and Engr.Ahmed Al Awaid, Superintendent, Port of Salalah.

During the session, the resource persons discussed the importance of creating safe environment; how to react during emergency; have an emergency response team at any time; role of faculty and every individual in creating safe work environment; emergency evacuation procedures.

Engr. Mohammed Faizur Rahman honored the Chief Guest and Engr. Said Al Mahri proposed his vote of thanks to the guest and the honorable gathering.

EVENT -2 “ Fire Drill - Evacuation was done on 24 May 2016

Organizers:         Dr. Said Omar Al Mashiki, HOD Engineering

                Engr. Said Al Mahri, HOC – College Health and Safety

                Engr. Arunbalaji.S, and Committee In charges – Engineering.

Resource person:

                Mr. Mohammed Al Shujaebi, Warrant Officer,

                Mr. Anwar Al Marhoon, Sergeant, and his rescue team,

                Directorate of Civil Defense and Ambulance,  Dhofar Region.

An actual Fire Drill & Evacuation was conducted by Engineering Department. In the Emergency Evacuation Plan once the fire alarm rings, all the engineering students (10.00 am – 12.00 noon) and staffs moved to the nearest Assembly point.

The students and faculty participants of Engineering and other Health and Safety members got awareness about the Assembly points and the way to move towards assembly.  ROP fire service and ambulance came to demonstrate and checked in each building whether all  were evacuated.

Dr. Said Omar Al Mashiki Head of the Department and Engr. Said Al Mahri proposed their vote of thanks to all the participants and ROP guests for that day.


Raysut Cement Company Staff Training on Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016

The Salalah College of Technology – Engineering Department – Chemical Section, organized training on Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016 attended by Raysut Cement Company Staff. Part of SCT- On-Job Training (OJT) Operational plan is to assist and provide short term courses to private and government sector employees.

The training facilitator is Engr. Roly Hechanova, a Computer Engineer and IT Expert in SCT. During the workshop, he demonstrated the applications of the Microsoft 2016 and Windows 10 in PC’s, tablets, and phones and how such applications work on these devices. He also emphasized the OneDrive as the backbone of its unified apps and allowing documents to sync across devices.

This workshop provides benefits to the company employees by enhancing their skills on the effective use of Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016 in their jobs.


Electrical Power Engineering Students Visit Al Hashmi & Al Rawas Trading and Contracting Company

As part of the site visit program of Engineering Department the second year diploma students of Electrical Power specialization accompanied by Electrical Engineering staff Engr. Mohammed Junaid Mouda and Engr. Jonathan visited the construction site carried out by Al Hashmi & Al Rawas Trading & Contracting Company on March 17,2016 . Through this visit, students gained first-hand information about different stages of three-phase wiring system, distribution panels, earthing system, protective switches, main distribution board, sub-distribution board, final distribution board and PVC conduit wiring system.

The Engineers at the construction site explained to the students various safety procedures as well as the designs from approved electrical plan. Students raised many questions and received valuable information that enhanced their understanding of practical applicability in the real work environment. Students considered the visit very informative and useful. A report will be submitted by the students after the visit.


Industrial visit at Dhofar Cattle Feed S.A.O.G

Industrial visit was carried out at Dhofar Cattle Feed S.A.O.G on March 10th, 2016 for Advanced Diploma Chemical Engineering students. The main aim of the visit is to know the manufacturing of quality dairy products, long-life juices and packaging. The company is mainly engaged in various areas such as; animal feed, cattle fattening, agriculture, food and dairy products business. Their product name is “A’Safwah” the No.1 manufacturer of fresh milk and dairy products in the Sultanate of Oman. Also, A’Safwah pasteurizes and packages all fresh dairy products in technologically superior and hygienic PET bottles to ensure pure natural freshness.

The visit took two hours to see the complete set of production along with lecture and questions of students. The students got the chance to transfer their theoretical knowledge to practical implication pertaining to the subject of chemical process and industries.

Staff In-Charge – Engr. Arlene Joaquin, Engr. Jayakaran and Engr. Jeanifer Ehilla



As part of Student’s Development Activity, the Mechanical Engineering section has organized Technical Quiz Competition for the Mechanical Engineering student’s community. Students from Diploma Second Year, Advanced Diploma and Bachelor Level participated in the competition. The following staff members from the section have organized the event.

  1. P. Kumaradhas
  2. P. Sathish
  3. T. Venkatesan
  4. N. Mahaviradhan

The competition was held in four rounds;

Round 1 : Direct Question

Round 2 : Multiple Choice Question

Round 3 : Visual (Image)

Round 4 : Video

The questions were asked from the following subjects;

  1. Engineering Graphics
  2. Engineering Materials
  3. Manufacturing Process
  4. Machine Drawing
  5. Fluid Mechanics
  6. Workshop Technology
  7. Applied Mechanics

Training on the Use Fire Extinguishers

College Health & Safety Committee and Engineering Department organized a health and safety related awareness program on the topic “A Training on How to Use Fire Extinguishers” held on 15th March 2016. The training session was given by the resource person, Major Ahmed Al Bakhit Kashoob from Civil Defense and Ambulance, Royal Oman Police, Salalah.

Session 1- general awareness about the possibilities of accidents and the right response to such accidents. Major Ahmed discussed with the help of Engr. Said Al Mahri, the recent history of Salalah’s fire related accidents and how they were resolved. It was interesting to know the types of extinguisher they are using to resolve fire-related cases.

Session 2 was a practical hands-on training about extinguishers which was conducted near the assembly point infront of IT Building. Many students and faculty participated in the actual training. The ROP resource person Major Ahmed Kashoob and Mr. Ali Akaak explained and demonstrated the actual operation of extinguishers.

Dr. Said Omar Al Mashikhi, Head of Department-Engineering presented a token of appreciation for the efforts taken by the ROP representatives.


Industrial Visit in Dhofar Generating Company by Electrical Power Engineering Students

On 9th March 2016 the BTech students of Electrical Power specialization accompanied by Electrical Engineering staff Engr. Sayed Birose and Dr. Syed Aqeel Ashraf of Engineering Department visited DHOFAR GENERATING COMPANY, as part of their industrial visit program. Through this visit, students gained first-hand information about different stages of Power Generation by Gas Turbine at 11kV. The executive in training department explained the various safety procedures as well as the working of machines being used in the Power Generation station at Raysut in SALALAH. Students’ gained understanding of practical applicability of control on various machine concepts in the real working environment. They were also shown the high voltage power equipments and switchgears for the first time. Students felt the visit very informative and resourceful. The students were asked to submit a report on the valuable visit.


Salalah Mills Industrial Visit

Date / Day of Visit     :           15-03-16, Tuesday

Company                   :           Salalah Mills Co., Salalah

Staff In- Charge        :           Er. Ansari Faiyaz Ahmed

Salalah Mills Co. (SAOG) was formed in 1995 as a joint stock company with about US$ 18 million investment with the intention of milling and distributing premium quality wheat products to the growing Oman market and to export to African and other neighboring countries. SMC's commercial operation commended on 1st January 1998.

SMC is located at Raysut Industrial estate in the southern region of Sultanate of Oman and only 3 kms away from Salalah Port and Free Trade Zone. The mill is installed with state of art technology equipment from Buhler of Switzerland who is the world leader for milling industries. With its most modern roller mills in the region it has the capacity of 450,000 M.T. Annually milling wheat and has storage facility of 142,000 M.T.

SMC is producing a number of various flour products. The fine product mix is designed for individual as well as industrial customers, which are all available in convenient packing of 1kg, 5Kg, 10kg, 25kg, 30kg, 40kg and 50kg. The end products are;

  • Bakers Flour
  • Arabic Bread Flour
  • Home baking Flour
  • Atta and Chakki Atta
  • Brown Bread Flour
  • Semolina
  • Harees
  • Jareesh (Craked Wheat)

BTech students of Mechanical Engineering Section had an industrial visit to Salalah Mills Company on 15th March 2016. There were 15 students who visited the plant and it was very fruitful as they were made to understand the various manufacturing processes, equipment, machineries, quality control and management.


Engineering Department held Science Day 2016 event

Salalah College of Technology, Engineering Department held ‘SCIENCE DAY 2016” event on March 8, 2016 in the college campus. The program aimed at motivating the Omani students of Diploma I Year to develop their knowledge in the basic sciences of engineering. About 150 female and male students from the diploma I year section of Engineering Department participated in the event.

Dr. R. Rajasekaran, Diploma I Year Coordinator welcomed the participants and guests of honor. Dr. Said Omar Al Mashikhi Head of the Engineering Department delivered the inauguration address.

The program consisted of various competitions like Article writing, Poster presentation, Scientific modeling and Quiz Bee. Science models and posters were also exhibited at the venue. A motivational talk on the topic, The Need of Science for Socio-Economic Development was delivered by Dr. Khalid Al Mashikhi , chair- Department of Education, CAAS Dhofar University.  

Salalah Methanol Company, sponsored the event.  Mr. Ahmed Kashoub, External Affairs Manager gave an overview of the company, its programs, services and job opportunities for students.

Dr. Ahmed Al Shahri, Assistant Dean for Student affairs awarded the prizes to the winners of various competitions.

The program ended with words of thanks from Mr. Andrew Appaji, lecturer in Diploma I Year.



Mechanical Engineering is the mother of all the evolving engineering studies like Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Production, Mechatronics, Thermal Engineering and Robotics.

Mechanical Engineering is the backbone for a country’s industrial development. The modern study in Mechanical Engineering comprises of many software-enabled design and manufacturing tasks like 2D drafting, 3D modeling, assembly, analysis, detailing, and Computer-Aided Manufacturing.

The Mechanical Engineering section aims to produce highly skilled graduates to enter the work force. We strongly believe that hands on experience in Design and Manufacturing software will open more job opportunities in the competitive environment. Particularly, the aforementioned section continues to demonstrate its commitment to enhanced education by providing extensive training programs in CAD/CAM/CAE software.

The Engineering Design lab is equipped with state-of-the-art facility like AutoCAD, Solidworks, Ansys, Arena, ChemCAD Software, CAD workstations and plotter.

We offer the following software training program for the students of diploma, advanced diploma and bachelor levels in Mechanical Engineering program that cater to the specific requirements of the students and job profiles.

  • AutoCAD – 2D and 3D Modeling.
  • Solidworks – 3D Modeling and Assembly.
  • CNC Programming and Machining.
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