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Engineering Day 2017: Engineering Our Future

Salalah College of Technology-Engineering Department celebrated Engineering Day 2017 on May 25, 2017 with the theme “Engineering our Future”. The celebration commenced with the ribbon cutting led by Dr. Ali Mohsin Issa Rafeet, Head of Engineering Department. This was followed by reciting the Quran and welcome address by the HoD. Alumni working in different companies shared their experiences and views that inspired the students in preparing for the job market. Highlighting the event was the project competition among engineering students from Civil Engineering & Architecture, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Among the 21 projects, Architecture section won 1st and 3rd Place while the Mechanical Engineering section won the 2nd Place. Job interview preparation seminar was also conducted during the day. Recognition of best performing students and awarding of winners concluded the one day event.

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs-Dr. Said Al Mashikhi; Asst. Dean for Admin and Finance-Mr. Amar Al Shanfari ; QA Unit Head- Mr. Khalid Al Mashani; Head of Business Department- Dr. Alya Al Nasseri and Head of IT Department- Mr. Vijipaul P were also present to grace the event.


Staff Seminar

As part of staff development program, a training program on “CNC Simulation and Machining” was organized on 16th May 2017. The speaker was Dr. Kumaradhas P., Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering Section. Mechanical Engineering staff members were attended the presentation. The following topics were discussed;

  • CNC Programming Structure
  • CNC Machine Controls
  • CNC Programming and Machining of “Spanner” Part
  • Tool Selection
  • Workpiece Setup and Tool Path Simulation
  • Machining Practice on CNC Lathe – EMCO CNC Mill

The presentation was ended with an interactive session of questionnaire and vote of thanks.


Staff Seminar

As part of staff development program, a training program on “NC Code Generation using Solidworks Software” was organized on 9th May 2017. The speaker was Mr. Venkatesan T., Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering Section. More than 20 staff members were attended the presentation. The following topics were discussed;

  • Part Modeling
  • Import Image
  • Tool Selection
  • Defining Machining Parameters
  • Tool Path Simulation
  • NC Code Generation

The presentation was ended with an interactive session of questionnaire and vote of thanks



Engineering Department, Chemical Engineering Section organized a guest lecture on February 12th, 2017. The guest speaker was Dr. G.S Nirmala, Professor and Department Head of Chemical Engineering, VIT University, India.

The guest lecture aimed to provide information about the construction, design, working principles and applications of heat exchangers.

The students interacted energetically with the speaker and had gained more awareness about the importance of heat exchangers. Also, the speaker gave a brief summary on current job market scenario of chemical engineers.



Engineering Department, Chemical Engineering Section organized a Fire Drill on March 9th, 2017 by ROP-Civil Defense (ROP) – Salalah, Dhofar Region. The Fire Drill was arranged for the Bachelor students in Chemical Engineering. The purpose of the drill is to provide students the knowledge on selection and operation of fire extinguishers. These were demonstrated by a team of fire professionals from Civil Defense.

The students actively interacted with the fire service team and they gained more awareness on the importance of fire extinguishers, various firefighting facilities and equipment usage in disastrous situations.

Staff In-Charge – Engr. Vasu Gajendiran and Engr. Azucena Cuento



Engineering Department, Chemical Engineering Section organized a Guest Talk on 12.03.2017 by Engr. Javed Akthar- Performance Improvement Manager, Salalah Methanol Company. The interactive session was arranged for the Bachelor students of Chemical Engineering. The talk aimed to provide students the knowledge on sustainable solutions to complex environmental issues. Engr. Javed Akthar presented lecture on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), types of pollution and safety measures to be maintained in the industries.

The students enthusiastically interacted with the speaker and gained more awareness about Environmental Impact Assessment and uncertainties of environmental problems.



Salalah College of Technology-Engineering Department and Salalah Methanol Company (SMC) organized an interactive talk on “GETTTING READY FOR the JOB MARKET” on 07.03.2017. Dr. Ali Rafeet, Head of  Engineering Department welcomed  the executives from Salalah Methanol Company, the Dean, Assistant Deans, staff members and students of Salalah College of Technology .He emphasized the relevance of this event so that students will know the industry expectations and future opportunities.

Engr. P. Jayakaran, OJT – Coordinator for Engineering introduced the speakers from Salalah Methanol Company namely, Engr. Mohammed Al Hashmi, Operations Manager, Engr. Javed Akhtar Performance Improvement Manager, Engr.Mohammed Ahmed Al Shahri, Senior Process Engineer, Mr. Viswaraj Ayapilla, Competency Development Specialist, Engr. Mohammed Al Maashani, Process Engineer, Ammonia Plant and Mr. Ahamed M. Kashoub, External Affairs Manager –SMC , who addressed the gathering.

The executives from Salalah Methanol Company gave a brief background of SMC and explained about process, products, future plans and job opportunities. They shared about their expectations from applicants. The speakers talked about being honest in their resume, the importance of “soft skills” like teamwork, humility,responsibility, etc.; how to face the interview and meet the challenges in the current job market environment.

Dr. Ali Rafeet, Head of Engineering Department gave the vote of thanks to Salalah Methanol Company for the continued support and look forward in keep the strong linkage with the industries like SMC. Dr. Ali thanked also the organizers and students that made the event a success.

Dr. Hamdan Al Manthari, College Dean, Dr. Said Al Mashikhi, Asst. Dean for Academic Affairs and Dr. Amal Al Shahri Asst. Dean for Student Affairs felicitated the SMC executives after the event.

The students of SCT enthusiastically interacted with the executives of SMC during the open forum.


DOVER Middle East LLC talks on Heat Treatment Processes at SCT

The Mechanical Engineering Section of the Engineering Department organized a guest lecture on “Heat Treatment Processes” on 13th March 2017. Resource persons Mr. Mundher Abdullah Bait Shajanah, Production Lead and Mr. Maher Al Zoubi, Quality Manager from DOVER Middle East L.L.C. delivered the guest lecture on the following topics;

  • Introduction to Coiled Rod: PRO-ROD
  • Benefits of Coiled Rod
  • Dover Artificial Lift Technology
  • Introduction to Heat Treatment Processes
  • Purpose of Heat Treatment
  • Iron-carbon Diagram
  • Company Training Procedure
  • Job Opportunity
  • Company Recruitment Process

Dover Middle East (DME) plant is a 'first of its kind' in the Salalah region and provides coiled sucker rod as a viable option for any artificial rod lifted field in the Middle East. The advantage of coiled sucker rod technology in artificial lift applications is that it can be run in more challenging oil wells.

Students from diploma level and staff members from the mechanical engineering section attended the presentation.


Civil &Architecture Students as Master Minds, Mind Bogglers and Mind Readers

Engaging the students in another aspect of learning with fun, rapport and motivation, the Civil and Architecture Section conducted a quiz competition on Tuesday, January 31,2017 in CVL 6L .This competition covered general knowledge about Civil Engineering and Architecture. Students from Higher Diploma and BTech enthusiastically participated. There were three teams named as Master Minds, Mind Bogglers, and Mind Readers having six members each. Winners are from Master Minds Team, namely: HMOOD MUBARAK AL-MUSSALHI (32J1137), MOHAMMAD MADIAN AL-YAFAI (42S12155), SALIM AHMED AL-OJAILI(42J138), HAYA AMAD ALSHANFRI(42S1367), THANI SAEED AL-BARAMI (42S14398), MUNA MAHAD AL-AMRI (41J13333 ) . The competition was organized by Mr. Syed Iqbal and Ms. Arwa Al Ghassani, faculty members from the Civil and Architecture Engineering Section.

This activity was conducted successfully with the strong encouragement and support from the audience that included their peers and the faculty. All participants requested to have more of this kind of activity in the future.


Civil and Architecture Section holds Guest Lecture on Introduction to Remote Sensing and its Applications

The Civil and Architecture Section of the Engineering Department organised a guest lecture on the topic “Introduction to Remote Sensing and its Applications” on 31st May 2016 at the Civil Engineering Building. The guest speaker was Professor Vazeer Mahammood, from Andhra University, India with a vast experience in Hydraulics, Remote Sensing and Structures. He is also an author and a consultant.

The presentation aimed to create awareness about the basic concepts and applications of Remote Sensing. The speaker expounded on the uses of the geo-stationary and sun synchronous satellites applied in weather forecasting and disaster control or mitigation.

The speaker elucidated on Disaster Control application of remote sensing and concluded that UAV photogrammetry (using unmanned drones) is gaining ground and shall soon replace advanced surveying instruments like the Total Station.

Mr Ali Sirajuddin, Staff development committee in-charge, delivered the vote of thanks for his excellent address that benefited the staff.

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