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Student Leadership Training, Seminar and Election of Officers Featured

The Student Development Committee(SDC) of Engineering Department headed by Arch. Arwa Al Ghassani and Engr. Gerardo C. Laya conducted a Student Leadership training ,seminar and election of officers on Tuesday, 05 Feb. 2019 at ELEC 13L. The seminar stressed on leadership skills and other qualities that student leaders should acquire including active participation in planning, organizing and conducting academic and extra-curricular activities of the department.

Before the election, candidates discussed about their plans if elected as officers, then voting took place in which the following students were chosen for the Engineering Students’ Society (ESS):

PresidentAyham Nabil Al Ghassani (Electrical Engg)
Vice President for External AffairsHumaid Hamood Al Fure (Civil Engg)
Vice President-President for Internal AffairsAiman Mohamd Saleh(Elec. Eng’g)
SecretaryAaisha Mohammed Ahmed Al Mashiki(Chem. Eng’g)
TreasurerMohammed Khalfan Al Hashmi(Civil Eng’g)
Asst. TreasurerOsama Hussein Al Yafei(Mech. Eng’g
AuditorMajid Khalid Al Aamri(Mech. Eng’g)
Asst. AuditorMohammed Ahmed Al Mashani (Chem. Eng’g)

Student Development Committee members will serve as advisers for the society.

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