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Apergy Middle East LLC representative as Guest Lecturer to Mechanical Students

Student Development Committee of Mechanical Engineering Section held a guest lecture on February 10, 2019 about “Heat Treatment Processes”- a series of operations that change the properties of materials for the desired use and applications. Mr. Khaldoon Hamid Al Noubi, Plant Operator- Apergy Middle East LLC, Salalah was the speaker.

He explained various heat treatment processes applied by the company to improve quality and serviceability of materials. The lecture served as enrichment of knowledge gained in the classroom.


Interactive Session on Construction Project Management

Civil and Architecture Engineering Section held an interesting session on January 29, 2019 delivered by Engr. Mohammed Masoud Al Mashani, Project Director-ONEIC (SAOG) for the section’s staff and students.

The speaker tackled Construction Project Management (CPM) and explained the significance of proper planning before starting any project. Included in the discussion are the various steps involved in CPM as well as ways of involving stakeholders. The speaker interacted closely with the participants during the session.


“MIMOSA” Workshop

Engineering Department - Timetable Committee headed by Dr. R. Rajashekaran conducted workshop on “Mimosa” – a course planning and scheduling software held on January 29, 2019 in ELEC-12L.

Dr. Nurul Hasan Shaikh, Lecturer in Electrical section explained about the applications of the software in preparing timetable such as accuracy in scheduling, thus avoiding clashes and overlapping.

Timetable Committee members of Engineering, IT, Business and ELC Departments participated in the workshop. Each participant was given actual training of preparing timetable using the software.


Student Leadership Training, Seminar and Election of Officers

The Student Development Committee(SDC) of Engineering Department headed by Arch. Arwa Al Ghassani and Engr. Gerardo C. Laya conducted a Student Leadership training ,seminar and election of officers on Tuesday, 05 Feb. 2019 at ELEC 13L. The seminar stressed on leadership skills and other qualities that student leaders should acquire including active participation in planning, organizing and conducting academic and extra-curricular activities of the department.

Before the election, candidates discussed about their plans if elected as officers, then voting took place in which the following students were chosen for the Engineering Students’ Society (ESS):

PresidentAyham Nabil Al Ghassani (Electrical Engg)
Vice President for External AffairsHumaid Hamood Al Fure (Civil Engg)
Vice President-President for Internal AffairsAiman Mohamd Saleh(Elec. Eng’g)
SecretaryAaisha Mohammed Ahmed Al Mashiki(Chem. Eng’g)
TreasurerMohammed Khalfan Al Hashmi(Civil Eng’g)
Asst. TreasurerOsama Hussein Al Yafei(Mech. Eng’g
AuditorMajid Khalid Al Aamri(Mech. Eng’g)
Asst. AuditorMohammed Ahmed Al Mashani (Chem. Eng’g)

Student Development Committee members will serve as advisers for the society.


How to Write Exams effectively and Ways of Improving Self Confidence seminar conducted by Student Development Committee of Engineering Department

In response to the needs survey conducted among students, the Student Development Committee of Engineering Department conducted a seminar on How to Write Exams Effectively & Improving Self-Confidence last 06 Feb. 2019 at ELEC 12L. The speaker was Engr. Syed Muhammad Iqbal, faculty member of Civil Engineering & Architecture section. He emphasized on the different factors affecting students’ performance in examinations such as study skills, sleep time, language barriers, absences, excessive use of gadgets, etc., and how to overcome these factors.


Complementary Workshops and Seminars conducted by Student Development Committee of Engineering Department in Collaboration with Electrical & Electronics Engineering Section

In line with the goals of the Engineering Department in enhancing the academic skills of students, the Student Development Committee in collaboration with Electrical & Electronics Engineering section conducted various seminars such as:

(i) Applications of GNU Octave Simulation Software in Control Engineering by Engr. Syed Fairose on February 6, 2019. The training was attended by Advanced Diploma and BTech students from Electrical and Mechanical Sections.

(ii) Project Design Preparation & Presentation by Engr. Arun Balaji on January 29, 2019. Students from Electrical section taking Final Year Projects attended.

(iii) Applications of Power World Simulation Software in Power Systems by Engr. Jonathan Talosig was an enrichment workshop for students taking course in Numerical Methods


Engineering Staff Gathering “TAJDID ”

Engineering Department organized a Staff Gathering - “TAJDID” for all department staff on January 9, 2019 held at the SCT-Multipurpose Hall. This gathering aimed to strengthen camaraderie and teamwork among the staff.

Various fun activities and games that fostered teamwork and bonding were enjoyed by everyone. Cumulative scoring was done per section and trophy was awarded to Mechanical Section who emerged as winner. The event was hosted by Mr. Haris Bin Arif and Ms. Jyothi Gidavir.

The gathering concluded with a sumptuous lunch shared and enjoyed by everyone. Complimentary souvenirs were distributed to all participants.


Finite Element Analysis using Solidworks 2015

On October 30, 2018, Mechanical Engineering Section conducted a seminar on “Finite Element Analysis using Solidworks 2015”.

SOLIDWORKS software is a powerful CAD/CAM/CAE package used widely for product development solutions. Using the software helps industries reduce manufacturing cost, improve product quality and increase production.


Industry Visit to ABI SHOWATECH OMAN LLC (FZC), Salalah

Mechanical Engineering Section –Diploma Second Year students visited ABI SHOWATECH OMAN LLC (FZC), Salalah Company on 8th October, 2018. This experience was a good opportunity for students to understand the CNC programming, CNC machining centers and quality control instruments like CMM (co-ordinate measuring machines), checking geometrical tolerances, surface finish per design specification and other related procedures used by the company.


National Campaign for Electricity Conservation Workshop

In support of the on-going Campaign for Electricity Conservation in the Sultanate ,students from Civil and Architecture Section of SCT-Engineering Department actively participated in the workshop which was held on October 4,2018 sponsored by Dakkah Engineering Services Company and NAMA Company.

The workshop was conducted by two young Architects Hanan Mohamed AL-Kasbi and Afifa Ali AL-Dhuhli; they introduced activities and exercises that made the students experience new atmosphere of learning. There was an interesting discussion on Sustainable Building Design and Energy Conservation in Buildings creating integrated sustainable strategy using solar panels.

While engaging the students on the use of Autodesk Revit Architecture, the trainers emphasized the importance of constant practice in using this software or any other software to improve their skills and to keep up with the fast paced changes in technology.

Students gave positive feedback of the training and suggested to have more workshops in the future where speakers use Arabic as a medium in the lectures and practical activities.

The workshop ended with the sponsors distributing attendance certificates to all participants, and as a token of gratitude, the trainers were given simple memento.

Gratitude was also extended to HoD - Engineering Department, HoS-Civil & Architectural Section, Architectural staff and Student Development committee for their kind support that made the event a success.

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