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Awareness Session on the College Information Management System

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The English Language Center conducted an awareness session on the College Information Management System (CIMS) on 29th February 2016 for its Coordinators and  Staff. The awareness session was conducted by Mr. Saeed Al Mashikhi in Room 2. Mr. Mashikhi briefed the  Staff  about the procedures involved in  accessing  the new system as the old system will be redundant with effect from next month.

Mr. Saeed Al Mashikhi  logged into the system and guided the staff step by step about the  procedures to be followed by students when logging in. Ms. Kamlah Koofan also assisted Mr. Mashikhi with key information as and when needed. At the end of the session, Ms. Kamlah  Koofan informed staff she will be available for assistance if needed.

Staff appreciated the efforts of Mr. Mashikhi on the awareness of the new registration system.


The ELC In- house Induction Program for New Intake Students; Semester 2

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The English Language Center conducted its In-house Induction Program in the SAC for its new intake students from 17th to 20th of January, 2016. The program included a Power Point Presentation about the college rules and Bylaws, ELC management, Levels, Assessment, and Curricula. The students were also informed about the ELC services such as the Self Access Center, Learning Support Center, Math Help Center, Writing Center, Speaking Club and the English Forum. Finally, students were given some tips about how to study and improve their English. A member of staff from the Student Affairs participated in the induction program to inform students about the services of the Student Affairs. At the end of the Induction program, students were given a questionnaire to give their feedback on the program.

The Presenters were:

  1. Khayar AL Amri (Level One Coordinator)
  2. Yasir AL Yafai (Level Two coordinator)
  3. Samha AL Mashali (Lecturer)
  4. Amal Al Awadi (Lecturer)
  5. Amna AL Marhoon (Student Affairs – Guidance & Counseling)

English Language Forum Leads Trip with SCT Students to Port of Salalah

It was a sunny Monday 30 November 2015 when the English Language Forum made a trip to the Port of Salalah. Six female SCT students along with instructors, Wendella Francis, Musallam Al Mahri and Dr. Felicious Grace  and left the college campus at 8:30am. The head of the HOS(Curriculum) Ms. Gail MacGowan also joined in this journey to tour the humongous Port of Salalah.

The minivan journey took 30 minutes to reach the destination from SCT. There the staff and students were received by the port officials at the entrance.  From there they were led by  pilot car to the main port office. Consequently, they were welcomed there by Mr. Hardan (HR Manager, Port of Salalah). In the conference room Mr. Moahmmed Al Mashini, the General Manager of the Port also gave the entourage a warm welcome.

Before the participants continued on their way, another formal introduction was undertaken with other port authority departments. The general manager introduced the facility initially a powerpoint presentation on the functions of the port. The students and SCT faculty concur that they gained lots of information into how the port is run by various stakeholders and the major share is run by Maersk, Denmark.

The port has direct links to different continents, but it serves and markets primarily to East Africa, the Red Sea, the Indian Subcontinent and the Arabian/Persian Gulf on its doorstep. The Salalah Port Authorities operate both a container terminal and a general cargo terminal. The general manager also added that 76% of the employees are Omanis. He was proud to explain the 20-year future plan, especially about the new adventures and the extension of the port. Students volunteered to ask many insightful questions of clarification. The discussion following the presentation was really helpful for the students. The session was certainly eye opening.

Next, the tour group from SCT had a breakfast at the port before pushing on. They were taken on a round trip  through the port to observe the operations themselves. HR Mangager Hardan accompanied us and step by step explained the operations in detail. The SCT group then traveled to the entry of the port (from where the entry and exit of the ships and boats are monitored). From there, they could see the entire port from that location. The students and staff thought the view was remarkable.

After this, the SCT tour had the rare opportunity to to enter a passenger cruise which had just arrived from Aqaba, Jordan.  Unfortunately, the group was not able to get to see the whole cruise, however, the visit to the ship was considered one of the major highlights of the excursion. After having fun and even some entertainment at the Port, the appreciative group left the port while thanking the higher authorities for gaining very great insights into the port and its functioning.  

The group considers the Port of Salalah as being well-worth visiting. The students and staff both agree, “The trip was amazing.”


English Language Forum Announces Winners for Level 4 Group Projects

In order to promote greater academic success for students working to graduate from the Foundations program in the ELC this term, the English Language Forum Committee sponsored a competition among the Level 4 students working in teams to create and carry out their major group projects this term. The winners were announced this term recently for Term 1 here at SCT.


SCT Speaking Club / Speaking Contest for Level One & Two

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The English Language Center conducted its first Speaking Contest on Monday 30th November & Tuesday 1st December, 2015. They were around 22 students from two levels who registered to participate in this contest. The students were finalized for the contest by their teachers. They were instructed not read from a paper. The contest was held in the ELC (SAC & Conference Room). They were three judges selected to judge the speakers:

  1. Mr. Michael Coleman - Level Four Coordinator
  2. Ms. Salina Mascrelhas - QA Coordinator
  3. Mr. Falah Qudah - Lecturer

The contest started with an opening speech given by Ms. Carys Corcoran, a member of the Speaking Club. She introduced the three judges and specified the rules for the competition. According to the rules, students were allowed to take notes only, or use a power point presentation to show pictures or vital information pertaining to their topic.

They were an audience too of some Foundation students and teachers. At the end of the contests, the HoS – Curriculum, Ms. Gail Macgowan announced the first three winners who were awarded a special prize.

Also, all students were awarded a certificate of participation by Mr. Yasir AL Yafai, the Level Two Coordinator


ELC celebrates the 45th National Day of Oman

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On the occasion of the Glorious 45th National Day, the ELC management and staff gathered to commemorate this joyous occasion. A celebration was held in the SAC on November 29, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. All ELC lecturers were cordially invited to a staff lunch. The HELC gave a speech and on behalf of the ELC staff and Omani people, thanked His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said for his generosity and benevolence. He also asked God to protect His Majesty Sultan Qaboos and give him good health. At the end there was a buffet served for all.


The ELC Induction Program for New Intake Students

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This Academic Year, under the guidance of the HELC, Mr. Hashim Al Dahab, the English Language Center conducted a department in-house Induction Program in the SAC for its new intake students from 13th to 17th of September, 2015. The program included a Power Point Presentation about the college rules and Bylaws, ELC management, Levels/ Groups, Assessment, and Curricula. The students were also informed about the ELC services such as Self Access Center, Learning Support Center , Math Help Center, Writing Center, Speaking Club and the English Forum. Finally, students’ were given some tips about how to study and learn English .

The Presenters were:

  1. Khayar AL Amri ( Level One Coordinator)
  2. Yasir AL Yafai ( Level Two coordinator)
  3. Ali Hubais( lecturer)
  4. Musallam AL Mahri lecturer)
  5. Samha AL Mashali (lecturer)

At the end of the induction, a questionnaire was given to students to give their feedback on how useful this induction was for them.


English Language Awards Ceremony and Thank You Event held in June

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Tuesday, 9th of June 2015, the English Language Forum held it’s first annual awards ceremony for a variety of student competition competitors and their judges. The events or contests had been conducted this 2014-2015 calendar year at Salalah College of Technology (SCT). Those contests in which many students from SCT participated included two writing contests, a chess competition, a photography contest, and an art contest.

This year, the skills targeted in the arts, writing and photography had all centered on the theme of “Life and Times in Dhofar.” The ELF hopes in the next year to create a book or monograph based upon this theme and the student and SCT faculty contributions.

The awards ceremony started at 12 noon. Below are the lists of winning students for the contests held this year. Students were given a variety of prizes and award certificates. They and the volunteering judges were then invited to snacks, drinks and meal. Below are the prize winners in each category.

ELF English Writing Contest Result

Place Winners Name

ELF Arabic Writing Contest Results

Place Name
1 Ghanem Mahad Salim Kashoob
1 Ali Said Ahmed Al-Aamri

Finalists in 2nd SCT Chess Contest Results

Place Name
1 Saeed Ali Saeed Fadhel
3 Mosallam Said Al-Amri
3 Othman Khalid
3 Ali Suhail Mohammed Al-Mashaani

SCT Photo Contest Results

Place Name
1 Ghaith Ali Faraj Bahajaj
2 Hamood Hamid Ahmed Koofan
3 Nada Al-Marhoon
3 Ghaith Ali Faraj Bahajaj
Note: Photos from the chess contest can be seen here

Art Contest Results

Place Name
1 Marwan Doorbeen
2 Nashwa Ashwa Alwi Ba
3 Malak Mohsin Shanfari
3 Eshtyaq Humaid Daouidi

In addition to the contests, nearly a dozen volunteer judges were given recognitions and small presents as a token of their efforts. These volunteering SCT staff included:

:Photography Contest John Martin Tambaoan, ETC Department (Official Photographer of SCT), Jonathan Tambaoan – Head of Section/IE & Networking, Allan Salburo ,Lecturer/Math Section, & Yashir Ambula – Lecturer/IE & Networking

Chess Contest Dr. Raja Thiruvengadam , Chemical Engineering

Arabic Writing ContestTalal Khatatbeh, ELC, Osman Mohammed, ELC, Manal Alabsy, ELC

Art Contest Rekha Siby, ELC, Michael Pendry, ELC, & Francis BS, Dhofar University

English Writing Contest Michael Coleman, ELC, Saeed Al-Mashiki, ELC, Anthea Boshof, ELC

The English Language Forum or ELF at SCT was rejuvenated in January 2014. this was done in order to provide ample opportunities for all students to practice English in many different ways, as well as to equip them with more spoken, listening, writing, reading, and analytical skills as they were invited to explore the world in a series of ways. ELF activities have included company tours and educational visits in Dhofar and Muscat this past year.


2nd Chess Contest held on 19th of May at SCT

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At the Career Guidance Center on the campus of Salalah College of Technology (SCT in Oman) this 19th of May, the English Language Forum* hosted its final contest** of the 2014-2015 college year.

This was an open chess contest for all SCT students. Some 30-plus students had signed up in advance to participate in the tournament which began at 9am and finished around 1:30pm yesterday. (Eventually each participant who arrived on the date of the tournament subsequently actually played in 4 to 7 matches.)

This was the second time an SCT open chess tournament for students was held at the same venue—the last time was in June 2013 at the same location. The first chess tournament at SCT was organized by Mr. Stoda in June 2013. That event was held with support of both the Dean of the college and the ELC.

The first grouping of SCT students started at 9am and played a modified round-robin, which followed a Swiss rules format for carrying out such tournaments. (In all, there were ten students in this first grouping. They paired off against five others in their to determine the top players in Group 1.) By the end of the competition on that 19th of May, among those finalists who ended up playing in the Final 4 round of the tournament, each SCT student-finalist had had to each play six or seven total matches against a variety of different opponents.

Group 1 (and later group 2) players were given 20 minutes to complete their matches. If the match was not finished in that time, a tournament stop clock (or timer) was introduced to accelerate play.

Initially, most the 30-plus students who were expected to arrive to play in the tournament on May 19th were supposed to play in this same Swiss format. However, as either some of the Omani students had class conflicts at SCT with classes and exams or they simply came late too play for other reasons (i.e. they overslept or had family commitments), the organizers of this tournament determined to allow a second group of players to start a more traditional round robin. This second group of students began play after 10am.

That second group of SCT students had to play until the two top winners in that group were determined. This second group of competitors finished play by noon.

Immediately after this--starting at 12:00--, the two most victorious chess players from Group 1 began to play the most victorious students from Group 2. This round was known as the Final 4.

The victors of the first two matches started the SCT championship match the final round at 1pm. Those victors who met in the championship were Saeed Ali Saeed Fadhel and Mosallam Said Al-Amri. Finally, Saeed Ali Saeed Fadhel proved victorious in that final knock-out round.

The main organizers of this chess contest at SCT this year were Dr. Raja Thiruvengadam of the Chemical Engineering Department and Kevin Stoda–representing the English Language Forum of the ELC. The English Language Forum will award prizes to the finalists in a June ceremony. Dr. Raja–an enthusiastic chess player, a coach, a national level (in India) certified arbiter–brought extensive experience to running such an event. Raja encourages more SCT students to get more serious about such chess competitions in the future.

Below are the final results from the 2nd SCT Chess Contest :

1Saeed Ali Saeed Fadhel
2Mosallam Said Al-Amri
3Othman Khalid
3Ali Suhail Mohammed Al-Mashaani

In general, both Mr. Stoda and Dr. Raja encourage the playing of chess by more SCT students. “There is certainly no reason to wait 2 or more years for another contest,” concurs Mr. Stoda.

The game of chess furthers the student’s minds and should help the average SCT student to become more analytic and/or to be able to plan ahead more logistically. Perhaps a similar contest can be held next year by another department or perhaps it is about time that students at SCT organize their own chess clubs. Interest in chess play at SCT appears to be quite high among some student circles, but there is certainly room for more students and staff to become involved–perhaps offering a tournament or club activities on a Saturday or by organizing more regular tournaments.

*The English Language Forum Committee at SCT is under the aegis of the English Language Center on campus. The English Language Forum promotes SCT student extra-curricular activities, such as arranging educational trips, educational tours, and the holding of a variety of contests.** **Contests held by the English Language Forum this 2014-2015 calendar year at SCT include: photo contest, art contest, Arabic and English writing contests, and this chess contest.

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