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A story Project for Level One Students

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Learning Support Center handled a story project on 27th of November at 10:00 am in Self Access Center and around 30 students attended the session. This workshop was conducted with the objective of improving listening and speaking skills for Level One students. At the end of the story session, five oral questions were given to measure the level of comprehension. The winners were given prizes. Finally a survey was distributed to test their level of satisfactions.



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ELC launched a web service for Foundation students to help them in improving their writing skills. The web page can be accessed from SCT website www.sct.edu.om.

Training for ELC Level 3 and Level 4 Foundation lecturers was organized by Ms. Atsloom Al Maashani the writing center coordinator and presented by Mr. Junn Eric Timoteo system administrator held last October 13th - 17th, 2016 at ELC Lab 4 & 5 .The training was attended by 16 teachers in level three and 14 teachers in level 4.

Teachers can access the web page by signing in using their college user name and password.

Once teachers log in, they will see two different dashboards: One for the tutor and the other for the Writing Center coordinator/committee.

In Tutor’s dashboard, a teacher can see his schedule and can make a referral. In referral page, a teacher can find his/her group list. Once a teacher selects the name of referral student, the next page shows the details of the student selected.

Once the teacher confirms the details of the student by saving the selection, he/she should select the weaknesses of the referral student. Once the details are saved, automatically a confirmation message is sent to student as well as the teacher.

The second dashboard contains the names of referrals, making booking and the list of users and schedules. In this dashboard, a teacher will be able to book or cancel the names of referred students. Once a teacher refers a student, the name of the student appears in the dashboard and the teacher has to select the date, time and tutor for the referred student. Once a teacher successfully completes the procedure, a confirmation of booking SMS will be sent to the student and the group tutor.

The teacher can see the confirmed schedule on the dashboard.

The writing center coordinator can view the list and the schedule of referred students and mark the students present or absent for the referred session. The writing center tutors can click on the PRESENT button and after logging in he/she can add comment or feedback.

The Training was successful and soon will be implemented this semester.


Level Four Orientation

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On 11th of October, 2016 from 2:00 to 4:00pm level four students were directed to SAC to attend awareness session about new curriculum and exams. The presenters were Musallam Kashoob the afternoon in charge and Michael Coleman, Level 4 Coordinator. The students were informed about the changes in level four exam patterns and they were given clear guidelines on how to prepare and get ready for the new exam pattern.


Counseling Sessions for Post Foundation Entry Test

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From 10th - 12th of October, 2016 ELC Conducted Counseling Sessions for Post Foundation Entry Test. All foundation teachers were scheduled to be available in the SAC from 11:15 to 12:15 and 1:00 to 2:00 for three days. The sessions were aimed at assisting post foundation students in familiarizing the pattern of the exam and some guidance in Writing. There were some handouts made available for students (Students Guidelines, essays structure and two Samples of writing (Argumentative and discussion essay).

Numbers of students attended the sessions, there were 88 students, and above one hundred have enquires and picked up handouts only. At the end of the sessions the questionnaires were distributed to students as well teachers.

Previously,, ELC provided two booklets to college main library for students to borrow and practice old exams. SMS was sent to all college students containing a link to ELC webpage on the SCT website where we uploaded 2 full old exams, exam outlines and writing essay structure with writing sample answers and listening audios.


ELC conducts phase 1 of GFPA program

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With much enthusiasm and high hope, the English Language Center (ELC) successfully conducted the first phase of a series of the General Foundation Program Audit Awareness (GFPA) program.

The first GFPA session was held on September 27, 2016 at the Self-Access Center, ELC, while the second and third sessions were conducted on October 2 & 5, respectively, at the same venue.

Approximately 28 staff attended on each day of the GFPA sessions. According to them, it was very informative and useful.


The ELC In- house Induction Day for New Intake Students; Semester 1

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The English Language Center conducted its In-house Induction day in the SAC for its new intake students at 10:00 to 12:00p.m on 26th of September, 2016. The program included a Power Point Presentation about the ELC management, Levels, Assessment, and Curricula. The students were also informed about the ELC services such as the Self Access Center, Speaking Club and the English Forum. Finally, students were given some tips about how to study and improve their English and there were open session for discussion between the Presenter Khayar AL Amri (Level One Coordinator) and students.

At the end of the Induction program, students were given a questionnaire to give their feedback.


ELC QD Audit Visit

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In May and June 2016, both the Internal and External Audits were carried out at the English Language Center (ELC). The Internal Audit was conducted by Suresh Kumar and Mr. Teofilo on the 24th of May. The External Audit was held on the 1st of June by Dr. Nida and Mr. Humaid of the Quality Department (QD).

Every year, the ELC undergoes such major audits. This Internal Audit went off very well. A week later, the documents and reports of the ELC were once again very thoroughly reviewed by QD representatives.

Finally, as Dr. Nida and Mr. Humaid, left the ELC campus, they, too, indicated that they were very satisfied with what had been presented to them.


Touring another Campus right here in Sa’ada–Educational Trip with English Language Forum

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This past 30 May 2016, 7 students from our Foundation Program were escorted by the English Language Forum to visit the campus of our neighboring Dhofar University, which is located only 3 to 4 kilometers from our Salalah College of Technology campus on the road to Thamriet in Sa’ada, Salalah.

Prior to this date, only one of the seven students from SCT had ever visited that DU campus–even though many of these same students live close nearby. (Over the past 3 years the English Language Forum has offered educational excursions to local museums, to the Port of Salalah, local factories, and even to visit colleges and schools around Salalah and as far away as Muscat.)

Field trips are exciting and engage all ages. Excursions like the one to DU bring participants out of their routines and give them the opportunity for meaningful educational experiences. Such educational excursions provide students opportunities for “hands-on learning.” For example, instead of just reading about how places are different and then possibly comparing them in writing class, students who visit another location can actually make their own observations and ask questions onsite, and/or even get to opportunity to try out some new activities for themselves while they are there.

NOTE: As students go on field trips or educational tours, they are taught by more people than their regular teachers. They can observe different ways of seeing and doing. The students are brought out into the community to interact with others–including, possibly, experts in their fields. By visiting a macaroni factory, by riding around the Port of Salalah, by hitting a local museum, and by speaking to a real person who lives, works, or studies at a site or location, students are provided inspiring experiences that could not otherwise experience in the confines of the classroom.

Four female students and three male students from SCT’s Level 2 Foundation’s program courses were those who took part in this educational tour, organized by the English Club of Dhofar University Foundation program this last Monday morning in May. The group arrived on the DU campus at 9:30 and began a cross-campus tour shortly thereafter.

Student class leaders from Level 2 at Dhofar University met and escorted the SCT visitors around the campus, whereby the SCT students were actually invited into classrooms and attended a variety of different sessions. These included visits to IT classes, English classes, and Math classrooms in the Foundation program building. SCT students were encouraged to interact with staff and students whom they encountered at each stop.

The seven SCT students also visited the large campus library, which serves many other purposes, such as it operates the learning support centers, where students can get one-to-one tutoring upon demand for the many major areas of study on campus. It is also home to a large number of internet stations, study halls, and other research assistance for DU students and faculty.

Sucharitha Gopalan, the English Club coordinator at DU, was also a great help in sharing and introducing the SCT students to a great many facets of the campus–facets which they would not have learnt about otherwise from the tour. For example, she shared about how majors and degrees there are on the campus and about how many different countries students who attend Dhofar, come from. She also ordered the visitors food and refreshments to keep them going en route.

Near the end of SCT students’ visit, Sabiha Janjua, another coordinator of English Club activities at DU joined them with a group of male and female Level 1 students. They invited the SCT visitors to participate in a fun game of academic English competition. (The seven SCT students would have enjoyed playing longer and visiting more with the DU students, but the bus was waiting outside and it was time to return back to the SCT campus.)

A survey of the students who went on the trip was overwhelmingly positive. More than one student stated that the trip was “Impressive”. Most students also stated that the trip was well-organized, informative, and educative. They encourage other SCT students to take part in such activities in the future.


Winners of Salalah College of Technology’s 3rd Chess Competition

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On Wednesday, 25th of March 2016, some 33 SCT students signed up to participate in the Salalah Chess Competition. (It is the 3rd such contest to be held on campus here in the past 4 years.) First Place was taken by Abdulrahmem Al Awaid, who went undefeated in all rounds of competition that day.

Second Place was earned by Haitham Ali Hawas, who faced Abdulrahmem Al Awaid in a best two of three championship round just after 1pm that Wednesday. The events were held in the SAC of the ELC building on the SCT Campus. Tied as Runners-Up for that day's competition were Moawiyal Al-Khaldi and Mohammed Ali Hobais.

The SCT Chess Contest is orchestrated by the English Language Forum each year (with the help of Chemical Engineering professor, Raja Thiruvengadam) as part of a campus wide initiative to encourage students in acquiring and practicing life-long activities that will empower them throughout their lives.


Chess improves cognition, and it improves emotional intelligence. As well, chess has been shown to bolster the cognitive reserve of elderly players, which helps prevent cognitive symptoms of diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Finally, of course, chess teaches logic, efficiency, and goal-setting (important for those who are tending to be under-achievers).

When asked about who the best chess player in his family was, Abdulrahmem Al Awaid explained, "That's difficult to say. We all play. Sometimes my dad is. Sometime's it's me--or my mom or one of my sisters." In other words, his family see's chess not only a lifelong affair but as a family affair.

In other words, playing chess is not just essential for kids or youth. Just "because we’re adults, that doesn't mean we have to take ourselves so seriously and make life all about work. We all need to play." Play relieves stress.It improves relationships and our connection to others, and play keeps us feeling young and energetic.

If you don't know how to play, don't be shy! Ask one of the many SCT students, who can play, to teach you. It's never too late to start.


R&C Committee organized a three-day research

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The R&C Committee organized a three-day research week from 17th to 19th April 2016. The programme started with two hands-on workshops on ‘Solid Works’ and ‘SPSS’ on the first day which were executed in extensive manner on licensed versions of the software for the next two consecutive days. The workshop on ‘Solid Works’ was conducted by Mr. N. Mahaviradhan and Mr. T. Venkatesan. The resource persons clearly demonstrated how this powerful and easy-to-use 3D CAD package can help researchers to validate and manage their product development. Mr. Ghulam Mustafa and Mr. Rommel F. Aunario were the key resources persons for the workshop on SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences).  Mr. Ghulam Mustafa has enlightened various aspects of Descriptive Statistics, Test of Significance and Regression Analysis by using SPSS and Test of Chi-Square and ANOVA elucidated by Mr. Rommel F. Aunario in an accessible way for participating staff.   

The three-day event witnessed a series of seminars on pertinent issues of research. Dr. Saikat Banerjee and Mr. Pavan Kumar held parallel sessions on ‘Writing Research Articles and Plagiarism’. Dr. Venkateswaran elaborated on the different ways of doing research in his specialized session on ‘Research Methodology in Computer Science’.  Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Mishra conducted the research awareness programme for the IT department.  In a panel discussion on ‘TRC Budget Allocation and Predatory Journals’, moderated by Dr. Shabnam Siddiqui and Dr. Benciya Abdul Jaleel ,  the panelists stressed the importance of publishing in quality journals for credibility and visibility. A good researcher restrains from predatory journals because they are short-lived and are of poor academic standards. Mr. Pavan Kumar, in his session on ‘Business Acquaintance for Non-Business people’ presented the basic concepts of finance that anyone can understand and apply. The session titled ‘Need for Language Focus in Research’ by Mrs. Padmini Ivaturi emphasized the importance of proof reading and language editing in writing research articles and highlighted the common language errors made by researchers.

 Dr. Mohammed Ali Bin Ali Sulaiman, HOD, Business Studies and Mr. Viji Paul, HOD, IT, awarded certificates of appreciation to the resource persons and  certificates of participation to the attendees of the two workshops.

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