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Workshop to re-enforce awareness of SP 2019-2024 (6 Elements)

SCT English Language Center HOC conducted a Workshop to re-enforce awareness of the SP 2019-2024 and the 6 elements introduced. Also, to discuss the next steps to be taken to develop the College SP sub-goals and KPIs

The target audience was all GFP Staff, both academic and non-academic. A total of 67 members attended the Workshop.

The GFP HOC, Mr. Saeed Al Mashiki welcomed the attendees and stated the purpose of the Workshop. He briefly described the process and development of the new SP and its importance to the Governance and management of the institution, and the ELC.

The QA Coordinator, Ms. Salina Mascrelhas stated the Agenda. The SP process and development was reiterated. The audience was reminded that the workshop would be beneficial for the upcoming GFP Audit, and introduced the 4 Presenters.

The first presenter, Ms. Radhika Kumar explained in detail the process of developing the 6 new elements of the SP 2019-2024: Motto, Vision, Mission, Goals, College Values, and Graduate Attributes. She gave a brief explanation of the:

  1. Motto: Where Technology is invented.
  2. Vision: To be in the forefront of higher education institutions in technological education nationally and regionally
  3. Mission: To provide high quality learning, training and research environment towards developing technological, innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities to meet the ever evolving social and economic needs.

Ms. Rachel Joseph, the second presenter engaged the audience through skillful questioning to give their feedback on the 3 Goals and the 4 College Values, from the GFP perspective.

Goal 1: To anchor our identity of technological education within an effective and efficient institutional system

Goal 2: To foster an environment that promotes applied research, innovation and consultancy in various fields of technology

Goal 3: To continuously develop institutional relationships in all relevant spheres with all stakeholders.

She then highlighted the 4 College Values which should be the guiding force for all activities in the ELC and the college at large.

College Value-1: Integrity_ to demonstrate ethical practices in all transactions, interactions and processes.

College Value-2: Professionalism_ to apply agreed rules and regulations, following set policies including code of conduct and standard operating procedures and working diligently to attain set outcomes.

College Value -3: Pursuit of knowledge and excellence_ to establish life-long learning, excellence in technological knowledge acquisition, application and innovation

College Value -4: Participation and Partnership_ to enhance participation and partnership relations within and beyond Colleges of Technology

The third presenter, Mr. Antony Jawahar, reiterated the importance of the 7 Graduate Attributes and gave a detailed explanation of the skills involved in the attainment of each of these attributes when students exit the various level of academic performance. The 7 Graduate Attributes are:

Attribute-1: Effective Communication (Group Skills: Active Listening, Critical Thinking, Confident Speaking and Focused Writing)

Attribute-2: Scholastic Rigor & Practical competence (Group Skills: Creative thinking, Problem Solving, Analytical thinking, Time management, Dexterousness, Knowledge ability)

Attribute-3: Team Work (Group Skills: Collaboration, Tolerance and Flexibility, Planning, Organization and Time Management)

Attribute-4: Lifelong Learning (Group Skills: Research Skills, Critical thinking, Inquisitiveness, Goal Setting, Commitment and Adaptability)

Attribute -5: Autonomy and Accountability (Group Skills: Work independently, Confidence, Responsibility, Transparency, Reliability and Authenticity)

Attribute-6: Innovation (Group Skills: Imagination, Aspiration, Problem-solving, Solution-integration, Visionary, and Perseverance)

Attribute-7: Entrepreneurship (Group Skills: Creativity, Initiation, Risk-taking, Resilience, Inspiration and Persistence)

Ms. Felicius Grace, the fourth presenter explained the SP-Development, the Formulation of Objectives, the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the Strategies in detail. She encouraged the audience to analyze the Goal Statement and voice some requirements for each goal. Then to formulate some objectives for each requirement shared. After that a discussion was held on how to meet the objectives using the KPIs.

The common template for the development of the SP was displayed. She informed the audience that several workshops will be conducted before the first draft was circulated to stakeholders for feedback.

Handouts were provided for feedback on the Workshop.

The Workshop was appreciated by the GFP Staff. The survey result was 4.77 on a 5-point scale

The QA Coordinator, Ms. Salina Mascrelhas proposed the vote of thanks.

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