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L3 students given lectures by SA, ELC Grievance Committee

As a part of students learning motivation, Level 3 students were gathered on Tuesday 12/2/2018 to listen to lectures from the Student Affairs and the ELC Grievance Committee.

First, Mr. Salim Al-Mashani, the L3 Coordinator, rose up the main problems in his level, such as disciplinary problems, students’ performance and their achievements. After that, Mr. Khalid Al-Ghafri discussed briefly these points and mentioned how students should behave in class and respect teachers. He strongly emphasized that penalty based on the Bylaws will be implemented against anyone with misbehavior. He also reminded students about the negative impacts of smoking. Then, Mr. Said Al-Mashani from Guidance and Counseling gave a clear speech about how student should be concerned about their careers and achievement goals. Finally, Mr. Kamal Moaaz discussed about tardiness issues, homework duties, and submission on time sick leave excuses.

Students’ feedbacks showed that all the presentations were very informative and fruitful as they were exposed to the college rules and regulations and as they were given the chance to speak about their problems.

The L3 coordinator expressed his gratitude to the following for contributing to the success of the gathering:

  • Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, HELC
  • Dr. Darwish Abdullah Al-Kalbani, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
  • The presenters Mr. Khalid AL-Ghafri, Mr. Kamal Moaaz , and Mr. Saeed AL-Maashani
  • L3 teachers and students
  • Ms. Amna Al-Marhoon, Ms. Salma Al-Maashani, and Mr. Abdulhafeth Al-Bader from Student Affairs
  • Ms. Atsloom ALMaashani, Ms. Amna AL-Yafai, and Ms. Hanan Ramdan from Self-Access Center
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