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Kahoot! competition for L3, L4 conducted

Kahoot, a game-based technological learning activity, was conducted as a competition for Levels 3 and 4 students in the English Language Center.

On the 12th of November 2018, five students in Level 3 competed in Kahoot! Questions were related to many topics covered in their daily class. At first, the boys seemed to be winning but the girls took the lead in the end. Excitement overwhelmed the contestants when they clicked as fast as they could the button in order to arrive at the correct answer. Ahmed Hasan Musallam Kashoob, Asma Abdullah Said Ateeq and Manoa Mohammed Ali Al Mashani emerged as first, second, and third placers respectively.

Meanwhile, the Kahoot! competition for Level 4 was held on the 29th of November 2018. A 20- multiple choice quiz was answered on individual computers thru a web browser. The questions were based on the concepts and vocabulary covered in Level 4. As the contest progressed, it was interesting to note that two girls outsmarted the boys in terms of accuracy and speed. Fatima Ahmed Salim Masan and Noor Mohammed Fadhil Ba Omar bagged the first and second prizes, respectively.

A fun-filled experience, the Kahoot! competition challenged the students the mental ability and enhanced their reading skills. Its successful conduct was made possible through the collaborative efforts of ELF committee composed of Mr. Salim Al-Maashani, Rekha Siby, and Ms. Gail Ann Maria Macgowan.

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