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ELF spearheads get-together-party; ELC staff showcase diverse cultures Featured

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is a progress; working together is success.

Guided by that quote of William Ford, the English Language Forum (ELF), through the leadership of Mr. Salim Al Maashani, organized an informal staff gathering in the English Language Center (ELC) on April 10, 2018.

Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, Head of the ELC, opened the event by thanking the staff for their relentless support and dedicated service. He also commended the ELF Committee for initiating such a gathering.

The Self Access Center (SAC) was filled with excitement when some staff used their mother tongues to welcome everybody. Adding joy to the gathering were parlor games, such as The Boat is Sinking, Traveling to Different Cities, and Tug of War.

The atmosphere became more festive as various cuisines from around the world were showcased. The ELC staff, who hail from 17 countries, brought their local foods for the buffet lunch –English, Arabic, Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, Armenian, American, Yemani, Sudanese, French, Tunisian, Palestinian, Turkish, and Iranian, to name a few.

“Apart from building cultural bridges among countries in an academic environment, the party was meant to reward the staff for surmounting the challenges of the previous semesters,” Mr. Al-Maashani disclosed.

He also stated that the gathering, though an informal one, was intended to make the teachers feel the sense of belonging, to foster camaraderie, and to create mutual understanding.

The fun get-together-party was facilitated by Ms. Gail Ann Maria Macgowan and Ms. Manal Alabsy.

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