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Salalah College of Technology conducted Strategic Plan (2013–2018) Review Workshop Featured

Salalah College of Technology (SCT) conducted a workshop to review Strategic Plan Cycle 3 (2013-18) on June 11, 2018 from 10 am to 2pm at ELC-SAC. The objectives of the workshops were:

  • Involvement of stakeholders (both internal and external) in the review of the current (2013-18) Strategic Plan and enhance the ownership of the College.
  • Conduct SWOT analysis based on the implementation of the current strategic plan.
  • Identify if OAAA CARs were addressed in the achievement of the Strategic Goals.
  • Seek feedback on the implementation of the current SP and propose suggestions on the five elements (Vision, Mission, Values, Graduate attributes and Goals) for Strategic Plan Cycle 4.

The participants of the workshops include Dean, Assistant Deans, HoDs and HoSs of all units, QA Unit members, QA coordinators, Omani and expatriate staff members, student representatives, Alumni Members, representatives from Industry, community and Ministry. Total participants were 95 including 51 academic staff, 23 non-academic staff, 3 students, 14 representatives from Industry/community and 4 representatives from Ministry. Eight groups were formed to conduct the SP review with the composition of different types of stakeholders like CC member, HOSs, Omani staff, Expatriate staff, Industry /community representatives, Student Representatives and QACs in each. CC Member & QA Coordinators were assigned with the responsibility to ensure that the group discussion goes in right direction and focus on tasks at hand.

Workshop was started with the welcome address by college Dean, Dr. Hamdan Al-Manthari. In his opening remarks, Dr. Hamdan welcomed the participants and requested them to actively participate in the review of SP and provide their constructive feedback/suggestions that will help for development of new Strategic Plan. Later, Head of Quality Assurance Unit, Mr. Khalid Al-Mashaani started the proceedings of workshops by presenting the objectives of the workshop and the expected outcomes from the participants.

The workshop was divided into four Sessions. QAU provided all the necessary documents to all groups to complete the activities during these sessions like SCT SP-2013-18, draft SPAR-2013-18, SPAR-feedback Template, SWOT-Template, Progress report on OAAA-CARs Achievement Report, OAAA-CARs feedback Template and Template for providing feedback on 5 SP Elements.

The details of each session are as follows:

Session-1: Session-1 was started at 10:30 am. HQAU presented first draft of SPAR-2013-18 that includes achievement of SP goals (in percentages goal wise) for 5 years starting from AY 2013-14 to AY 2017-18. He also explained reasons for some major variances noted in achievements from one year to another. Each group was assigned two Goals for feedback on SPAR. Optionally the groups were guided to cover the other goals depending on time availability. Each group held discussion and completed the assigned tasks such as Validation of findings’ of SPAR and reasons for variances, providing suggestions to address the gaps and for further improvement in next SP CYCLE etc.

Session-2: Session-2 was started at 11:15 am. Mr. Suresh Kumar, Quality Assurance Officer in QAU, made a brief presentation on SWOT and explained about the tasks that all participants were supposed to accomplish. Each group was assigned two Goals for SWOT Analysis. However, they were advised to cover the other goals depending on the time availability. All groups started their discussion and completed the assigned tasks such as Review of SPAR report (for the assigned goals) identify the Strengths & Weaknesses, Identifying the Opportunities and Threats based on the external factors that can influence the achievement of Strategic Plan and fill the template of SWOT analysis for the assigned goals

Session-3: Session-3 was started at 11:50 am. HQAU presented achievement progress of OAAA-CARs including how many CARs were addressed through SP. Each Group was assigned specific Commendations, Affirmations and Recommendations for providing their feedback. However, they were advised to provide feedback on the other CARs depending on time availability. Later, the groups completed the assigned tasks such as Verifying the achievements of OAAA-CARs through the college SP sub-goals, strategies as indicated in OAAA-CARs-Progress Report prepared by QAU and providing suggestions to further improve the achievement of OAAA-CARs.

Session-4: Session was started at 12:30 pm. Mr. Suresh Kumar, QAO, briefly explained about the 5 elements of SP and the expected tasks to be completed by the participants in this session. The groups were requested to provide feedback on all 5 elements. Later, the g groups completed the assigned tasks such as reviewing 5 elements of the SP, provide feedback on them and suggest changes in the 5 elements, if any. Later, one member from each group presented their feedback on the proposed changes in 5 elements.

The workshop was concluded at 1.10 pm. QA Coordinator/One of the members in the group were requested to prepare a detailed report for each session and submit it to QAU. After receiving all reports, QAU will consolidate them and finalize the report on SPAR which will be submitted to the ministry after College Council’s review and approval.

In his concluding remarks, Dr. Hamadan, College Dean, thanked all participants including the representatives from Industry and community who actively participated in the workshop. He also thanked the representatives from the Ministry.

Post workshop session: (1:15 pm to 2:00 pm):

After completion of the workshop, a post-workshop session was conducted by the Ministry representatives. The participants were Dean, Assistant Deans, QAU staff and all QA Coordinators. After introducing his team, Dr. Shaker, a representative from Ministry, provided his feedback on SCT SPAR-2013-18 daft (Goal-wise). He mainly emphasized on some of the conflicts that he noticed in SPAR achievements, Gaps/challenges and Improvements for next SP. He also provided some suggestions to improve the SPAR further.

Dr. Hamadan, College Dean, once again thanked the representatives from Ministry for attending the workshop and providing their valuable suggestions.



Staff and students of Salalah College of Technology brought a remarkable honour to the College for bagging major awards in the recently concluded IoT Olympics held at the Higher College of Technology last May 10th, 2018.

The first-ever Internet of Things (IoT) Olympics is a student’s project-based competition which was open to all prestigious institutions across the Sultanate of Oman to join and participate. A total of twenty six (26) teams participated from the different Colleges and Universities across the country with some of the most reputable private IT organizations as judges.

Higher College of Technology has actively launched this national competition as Internet of Things (IoT) is such a scorching topic today that allows virtually endless opportunities and connections to take place not only in a private sector but also in various institutions. It also opens a door to a lot of prospects and challenges specifically to the students that makes them figure out the gigantic amounts of data to be generated in the devices that they are going to produce. (excerpted from HCT website)

The following students, with the guidance of their trainers both from the I.T. and Engineering Departments, represented Salalah College of Technology and won several major awards in different categories:

Team 1:

Coach: Engr. Leah Belaya


  1. Marwa Said Abdullah Al Shanfari
  2. Fatma Mohammed Amer Al Mashani


  1. Gold Prize for the Environment Domain
  2. Silver Prize for the Smart City Category

Team 2:

Coach: Dr. Nitesh Nandakumar


  1. Ghada Mohsin Ahmed Al-Haddad
  2. Shauq Ali Ahmed Al Mashikhi


  • Bronze Prize for the Smart Home Category

Over-All IoT Trainer: Jonathan Peter Glycer Tambaoan

Congratulations to all the winners and your SCT family is proud of all of you.


ISA Technical Supportive Team Visits SCT Featured

The Institutional Standards Assessment (ISA) Technical Supportive Team from Ministry of Manpower led by Dr. Abdul Hakim, DGTE, visited Salalah College of Technology on Thursday, April 26, 2018. The main purpose of this visit was to provide feedback on ISAA Version 1.0 submitted by SCT and give guidance for the preparation of ISAA Version 2.0. As part of this visit, an interactive session was organized with the participation of CC members, SCT QA Team, ISA working groups’ chairs and members, some staff members and students at Multipurpose Hall.

At the outset, the College Dean Dr. Hamdan Al-Manthari welcomed the team and requested the ISA groups and other participants to actively interact with the team and make the session very fruitful by clarifying all their doubts/queries regarding ISA work.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Abdul Hakim, DGTE, emphasized on the importance of Quality Assurance and its management in CoTs and conveyed that staff and students must have proper awareness and understanding on all QA activities of the College. Afterwards, two members from the Technical Team Dr. Elias and Dr. Shaker presented general requirements of ISA Application and feedback on ISAA (Version 1) submitted by SCT. They have also provided some suggestions for the improvement of ISA work and preparation of ISA Application Version 2.

Likewise, the technical team conducted a short brainstorming session by dividing the participants into eight groups and requested them to provide their views/suggestions for the development of QA ownership culture and an effective and efficient communication system in the Colleges of Technology. The groups were given 10 minutes time for discussion and a member from each group was asked to provide their views/suggestions. Dr. Abdul Hakim, DGTE, summarized all suggestions and requested the college administration to look into the points and take appropriate actions for improvement.

The College Dean, Dr. Hamdan Al Manthari was very appreciative and grateful to the ISA Team for their visit and hopes to have more successful visits in the future.

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