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CEO of Omani Vegetables Oils & Derivatives (OVOD) Co. Meets the College Dean Featured

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An informal meeting between the College Dean and CEO of Omani Vegetables Oils & Derivatives Co. (LLC) took place in dean’s office on Monday 11th February 2019. Dr. Anwar Amir Al-Ismaili- College Dean, Mr. P. S. Kumar- CEO, OVOD LLC, Dr. Nasser Salim Al-Kalbani – HoD, Business Studies Department and Dr. Amit Sharma- Coordinator, OJT & Industrial Link Committee in business studies attended the meeting.

Meeting started at 12:05 pm with Dr. Nasser S. Al- Kalbani introducing the distinguished guest to the Dean. Dr. Anwar A. Al-Ismaili welcomed Mr. P. S. Kumar to Salalah College of Technology and briefed him about the various programs offered in the college. He also informed Mr. Kumar about the future plans of college to start a Research Centre and Consultancy Service.

On behalf of OVOD, Mr. Kumar updated the attendees about their company product line and other related operations. He also mentioned the annual turnover and company’s marketing strategies to tackle the competition from other companies.

Dr. Anwar Amir Al–Ismaili and Dr. Nasser Salim Al –Kalbani; both were very particular on fostering relationship with OVOD Co., especially on the OJT positions for college students. During the discussion, Mr. Kumar mentioned various areas of operations of their company in which the college students can be trained. Some of the areas of operation which were discussed are: manufacturing, marketing, logistics, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering.

The panel also discussed the current economic scenario in Oman and stressed on the need of diversification of the economy in order to overcome the economic challenges. During the discussion, Mr. Kumar revealed the challenges faced by OVOD Company due to the falling oil prices at international market. On this, the college dean offered Mr. Kumar to provide consultancy as well as training services to help them tackle market challenges in a better way. At the end of discussion, all the members present unanimously agreed on the quintessential idea of providing proper training to Omani youth to make them ready for job market.

Mr. P. S. Kumar was invited by the Business Studies Department’s OJT & Industrial Link Committee to deliver a guest lecture on ‘Retail Management Growth Strategy’. Mr. Kumar has accepted and thanked the College Dean, HoD- Business and OJT and Industrial Link Committee Coordinator for the invitation.

Dr. Anwar Amir Al- Ismaili and Dr. Nasser Salim Al- Kalbani appreciated Mr. Kumar for sharing his valuable knowledge and vast experience with business department students. They also wished to strengthen the relationship with OVOD Company by mutually sharing the work related expertise before the conclusion of the meeting at 12.35 PM.

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