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Workshop on “Essentials of Leadership” and “Microsoft Outlook 2016 Tutorials- Basic and Beyond”

Human Resource Department (HRD) Committee of Business Studies Department (BSD) has organized workshop on the Tuesday, 12th February, 2019 for the staff members of BSD. The workshop was on “Essentials of Leadership” and also on “Microsoft Outlook 2016 Tutorials- Basic and Beyond”. The facilitators for the workshop were Dr. Raghu Ram, Head of the Section-HRM and Mr. Roly Hechanova, ETC Staff.

During the first session, the facilitator Dr. Raghu Ram, presented valuable information on the essentials of leadership. The session was witnessed with constructive inputs on successful leadership and also on essential components to effective leadership. The session was lively and audience were glad to recall the concepts and get updates.

The second session facilitator, Mr. Roly Hechanova, delivered a hands-on session on the functioning of Microsoft Outlook 2016. All the participants were enthralled to get aware with MS Outlook 2016 basic environment. The session was lively and focused on integrating public mail with Outlook. The session also focused on how to integrate the spelling check and grammar check in Outlook, and this was practically demonstrated to ensure appropriate understanding. In addition to these, the facilitator provided inputs to the attendees on securing their respective emails. The session was participative as staff members were clearing their doubts during the session.

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