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Industrial Visit to Dhofar Beverages Company (S.A.O.G) Featured

Believing in the idea of ‘See & Know’ is better than ‘Read & Learn’, Student Development and Industrial Link Committee in Business Studies Department organized an Industrial visit to Dhofar Beverages Company (S.A.O.G) on 26th November 2018. A group of students from various levels and specializations along with the faculty members Dr. Amit Sharma, Coordinator-OJT and Industrial Link Committee, Mr. Mohamed Shariff, Chairman-Student Development Committee- and Ms. Rathna Chellappa Faculty –Accounting visited the company.

Factory manager, Mr. Mohammed Tariq Mohammed addressed the students by giving a brief description of the company, its ownership and management. Visit to the production plant was a unique experience for the group. Mr. Mohamed Tariq also explained various stages of production process of juices and drinking water. He encouraged the curiosity of the visitors by answering the students’ questions and also explained the need for production of different brands from the marketing point of view. He enlightened further, the importance of collecting marketing feedback and its implementation in building brand value.

Before conclusion of plant tour, the group visited the quality control laboratory. In the lab, quality control staff explained different tests through which a product passes before going for the final packing.

This visit provided an opportunity for the students to link their theoretical understanding with real-time observation and offered a case for study on different aspects of production and marketing of beverage products. Altogether, it was a wonderful learning experience for the students as they got acquainted with working environment of a company.

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