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Guest lecture on “Best practices in student centered learning” Featured

Human Resource Development Committee of Business Studies Department has organized a session on “Best practices in student centered learning” on the Wednesday, 25th April, 2018 as a part of staff development program to accomplish the staff needs on effective teaching and learning methods. To meet this purpose, Mr. Bernard Ugalde, Lecturer, from Information Technology Department, Salalah College of Technology, was invited to handle the session. Mr. Bernard, during his session focused on important aspects related to enhancing students’ interest in the courses they study.

Mr. Bernard suggested to ‘best blend’ the frame work i.e. to blend in the social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube etc. in the delivery of the courses. He insisted that, while using the social media, groups can be created, course material can be posted and further, videos can be uploaded for an enhanced learning experience. Later students’ views and comments can be recorded for consortium learning because this exercise would encourage collaboration and discussion among members or students. He also discussed on the need of including parents as members in social media for them to ensure their children are not misusing it. Further, he stressed those positive actions of the students i.e. completing activities in the given time limit and following prescribed rules while using the networking sites are to be rewarded with bonus marks and negative or unruly behavior of the students while using the networking sites should be punished by blocking the student in the networking site.

The conclusion and recommendations of his presentation which were based on his research study were the following, integrating social network into the classrooms will give a new twist on the learning experience to the students as the impact of social network to the academic performance is effective. He also said that his study observed that, student who went over the course materials and the additional activities using social networking have higher marks in the practical exams as compared to those who did not engage in the activity.

The session was lively and participative as staff members were clearing their doubts during the session. The effective presentation by the speaker helped in retaining the enthusiasm among participants right from the start to closing of the session.

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