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Industrial Visit to Dhofar Cattle Feed Company (S.A.O.G) Featured

In its quest of experiential learning, Student development committee and Industrial Link Committee in Business Studies Department organized an industrial visit to Dhofar Cattle Feed Co. (S.A.O.G) on 11th March 2018. A group of students from various levels and specializations along with three faculty members; Mr. Mohamed shariff- Student development committee chairman, Dr. Amit Sharma-OJT coordinator and Ms. Rama Jyothi., Faculty- Marketing visited the company.

Visit to the production plant was awesome and inspiring. The visiting team was familiarized to the production processes of some of the well-known dairy products and juices under the brand name A’Safwah. The group visited the entire plant and was amazed to witness the coordination of human intelligence and hard work with the precise operation of different types of machines.

During the visit staff members from DCF Company were cordial and answered the students’ queries in most appropriate manner. Altogether, it was a wonderful learning experience for the visiting group of students as they were acquainted with real working environment of a company.

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