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Healthy Glimpses A Health Awareness Program

The Health and Safety Committee of Department of Information Technology and College Clinic conducted “Healthy Glimpses “a health awareness program on 19th and 20th March 2018 at Salalah College of Technology under the guidance of Dr. Amal AlShahri Assistant Dean Student Affairs and Mr. Viji Paul Head of Department of  Information Technology. This event got an overwhelming response from both the staff and students.

On the 19th March, 2018, A Blood donation Camp was arranged by Blood Bank of Sultan Qaboos Hospital. Many students and staff (both Males and Females) participated and donated blood for the needy patients.

On the 20th March, 2018, Program was having two sessions. First session was arranged between 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM for Medical Camps and Second Session was arranged between 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM for Health related Seminars.

In first session, following Medical Camps were arranged by the Specialists and Staff from various hospitals.

  • Free Eye Checkup by Eye Specialist Dr. Siva Arbini from Life Line Hospital.
  • Free General Medical Checkup for Hypertension, Diabetes and BMI by General Practitioner Dr Padma Kumari NR from Badral Sama Hospital.
  • Dermatologist Consultation by Dermatologist Dr. Paul Raphel from Badral Sama Hospital.
  • Urologist Consultation by Dr. Anus Ismail from AlRaazi Hospital


Male and Female students participated and took benefit of Medical Camp and also both academic and administration participated in Medical Camp and took advice on health related issues from specialists.



In the second session, we had three Health related seminars.

First one was a demonstration on "Cardiac Arrest and CPR" by Nursing Staff Mr. Anees Hafidh and his team from Sultan Qaboos Hospital It was a practical session and was very useful as it enlightened the audience on what must be done during Cardiac Arrest Emergency and how to perform CPR. Both Staff and students took part in this demonstration.

The second seminar was on "Life style related diseases" Specialist of Internal Medicine Dr. Pankaj Jain from Badar Al Sama hospital. This lecture gave insight on the various reasons for hypertension, heart Attack, brain strokes and diabetes. He also discussed remedies and precautions for life style related diseases.

The third seminar was a Lecture on "Office Syndrome" by Physiotherapist Ms. Neema Doma from Life Line Hospital which was eye catching  by some illustrations helped us to understand the body aches encountered at Office workplace and solutions to get rid of them.

At the end, Vote of thanks was given by Mr. Kashif Majeed Shah Chairman Health and safety Committee of IT Department and Certificates were distributed by Mr. G.Baskar Head of Section (Database) and Mr. Abhishek Dubey Head of Section (Information Systems)

On behalf of Health and Safety Committee, we are obliged to thank Staff and Management of our Health partners Sultan Qaboos Hospital, Badral Sama Hospital, Life Line Hospital and Al Raazi Hospital and their unconditional support without which this Health Awareness program would have never have been a successful Event.

This event was coordinated by Mr. Kashif Majeed Shah Chairman Health and Safety Committee of IT Department and supported by Mr. Tariq Mohammad Mubarak Koofan HoD (Housing and Administration), Mr. Abdul Hadi Saleh AlArimi Nursing Staff at College Clinic Health and Safety Committee Members Mr. Ghulam Mustafa, Mr. Steven Vinil Kumar, Mr. Abdul Rauf and IT Club Leader Mr. Yousuf Anwar Sulaiman AlSandi.


SCT - Sport Open Day

اليوم الرياضي المفتوح بتقنية صلالة

تشجيعا لتفعيل النشاط الرياضي بالكلية التقنية بصلالة قامت الكلية بتنظيم يوم رياضي مفتوح ، حيث أمس الثلاثاء 28/3/2017م أولى مباريات دوري رياضة الكريكت للموظفين وسباق 200 متر ومباراة ودية بين حاملي كأس الكلية لسنتي 2015/2016 ، وذلك تحت رعاية الدكتور / حمدان بن محمد المنذري – عميد الكلية ،

وقد كانت افتتاحية الفعاليات سباق 200 متر وبعد ذلك دوري الكريكت للموظفين وانتهى اليوم بمباراة ودية بين حاملي لقب كأس الكلية عام 2015 وعام 2016 ،والتي شهدت حضورا جماهيريا وحماسا من قبل المشاركين والجمهور.

Salalah College of Technology organised “Sport Open Day” in an effort to inculcate the values of sportsmanship and teamwork among students and staff. The Student Affairs office, headed by Dr. Amal AlShahri, through its Department of Student Activities organised three sporting events which is the 200 meter run participated by SCT students and a football match between the champions of year 2016 and 2015. The thrived event an “Underarm Cricket Tournament” for the College Staff members and the opening match was today. The aim is a fun-filled, friendly match between Staff Teams hoping to provide a venue for staff to unwind and relax from the tensions of college work.


تقنية صلالة تنظم محاضرة عن مهارات فرص العمل

انطلاقاً من حرص الكلية التقنية بصلالة على تهيئة مخرجاتها لسوق العمل فقد نظم مركز التوجيه الوظيفي بشؤون الطلاب محاضرة بعنوان (مهارات فرص العمل) تناولت المقابلات الشخصية و السيرة الذاتية لمعايير القطاع الخاص بالإضافة لعرض تجارب واقعية من سوق العمل لمخرجات الكلية العاملين في القطاع الخاص.

وقدم المحاضرة الفاضل سالم بشير مسئول مركز التوجيه الوظيفي الذي تناول محاور رئيسي متمثلة في مهارات الحصول على الوظيفة من حيث تحديد الأهداف و وسائل البحث عن فرص العمل و النقاط الرئيسية في كتابة السيرة الذاتية و فنون المقابلة الشخصية كما تضمنت المحاضرة مهارات التواصل مع القطاع الخاص و ثقافة العمل و الإنتاجية مع أمثلة عملية وعروض مرئية.

بعد ذلك قدم أحد الخريجين تجربته المهنية في القطاع الخاص حيث استعرض عبدالله بن عوض بن خميس الخيري، خريج قسم هندسة الكهرباء في العام ٢٠١٠ واقع تجربته الشخصية في البحث عن وظيفة والاستعداد للمقابلة الشخصية و التدرج الوظيفي حيث أنه يشغل الان وظيفة مشرف مصنع في شركة دوفير الشرق الأوسط ليكون واحدا من الخريجين المتميزين في سوق العمل العماني. بعد انتهاء المحاضرة تم توزيع استبيان على الخريجين حول مضمون المحاضرة.


SMC Presentation

A presentation was given by Mr. Ahmed Kashoob, Head – External Affairs of Salalah Methanol Company, accompanied by Mr. Yasir Project Officer - Corporate Social Responsibility at Salalah College of Technology on 29th November 2016.

The presentation was started by Mr. Ahmed Kashoob welcoming the students and later on briefing about the Company, its products, features of SMC, and Corporate Social Responsibility activities carried out by SMC.

Random prizes were also given out to students and staff who had interacted with the presenter during the session. The students felt that this presentation was very informative and it was very well received.

This event was coordinated by the Industrial Link Committee, Chaired by Dr. Amal – Al Shahri, Assistant Dean of Student affairs.


On-the Job Training (OJT) Symposium

The on the job training (OJT) Symposium as a part of cultural week 2015 was held on 26- May at Salalah college of Technology. Training Managers, Managing Directors, and CEO’s from 20 companies and Head of Department from various academic institutions attended the symposium. Mr. Khalid |Al Shanfari, Chairman of the Industrial Link Committee welcomed the gathering. Dr. Ahmed Al Shahri, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs gave the inaugural address where he mentioned that the On Job training will help the students to get a real time work environment during their tenure at the company. The Training flow and the training book were explained to all the members present. Improvements from the previous symposium were listed out. The OJT coordinators from all academic departments of SCT presented the industrial projects carried out at SCT during the last two years and physical resources available along with the research and training strength of the staff.

During the open discussion session, issues related to training schedule, duration of the training and responsibilities carried out by both industrial supervisor and the college assessor were discussed. Also, a demo of the web based OJT system presented to the companies which they will be able to access the list of students available for OJT, fill an online feedback and would also filter by specializations and CGPA to cater their requirements. The symposium came to an end after the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs gave a thanking note to all the companies for their continuous support and cooperation shown towards OJT. He confidently stated that after the On the Job Training at various reputed companies, the students will uplift the national development.


Sports Activities

Stemming from the commitment of Salalah College of Technology in activating campus sport activities, a football league was held yesterday Sunday 15/03/2015 evening. This league will involve different football teams representing all the academic departments in the college. The final match will be held in May 2015 during the event of the College Cultural Week.

إنطلاقا من حرص إدارة الكلية في تفعيل الأنشطة الرياضية , أقيم مساء يوم الأحد الموافق 15/03/2015م دوري في كرة القدم لطلبة الكلية. و ستشارك بها فرق مختلفة تمثل كل الأقسام الأكاديمية بالكلية . و سيتم إجراء المبارة النهائية في شهر مايو خلال فعاليات الاسبوع الثقافي بالكلية .

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