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Apergy Middle East LLC representative as Guest Lecturer to Mechanical Students

Student Development Committee of Mechanical Engineering Section held a guest lecture on February 10, 2019 about “Heat Treatment Processes”- a series of operations that change the properties of materials for the desired use and applications. Mr. Khaldoon Hamid Al Noubi, Plant Operator- Apergy Middle East LLC, Salalah was the speaker.

He explained various heat treatment processes applied by the company to improve quality and serviceability of materials. The lecture served as enrichment of knowledge gained in the classroom.

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Interactive Session on Construction Project Management

Civil and Architecture Engineering Section held an interesting session on January 29, 2019 delivered by Engr. Mohammed Masoud Al Mashani, Project Director-ONEIC (SAOG) for the section’s staff and students.

The speaker tackled Construction Project Management (CPM) and explained the significance of proper planning before starting any project. Included in the discussion are the various steps involved in CPM as well as ways of involving stakeholders. The speaker interacted closely with the participants during the session.


“YOUR TURN” - A Personality Development Program presented by SCT Students Featured

The Information Technology Department of Salalah College of Technology (SCT) and its Projects Committee organized a college level personality development program titled “YOUR TURN” in collaboration with the IT Student Club. It was conducted on 5th of February 2019 (Tuesday), 12 Noon at Multi-Purpose Hall, SCT Campus.

The program was initiated to develop the personality skills of Omani students that greatly contribute to their personal and professional development. The main aim was to inculcate soft skills, project and research skills through students experiences in addition to the progress of student personality-personal attributes.

The program formally started with a welcome address by the event coordinator, Dr. Wilfred Blessing N.R, the Chairman of IT Projects Committee. He introduced the speakers and explained the objectives of the program.

Dr.Fatima Al-Shanfari, the Head of IT Department, gave a motivational and inspiring inaugural address for students to actively involved in various student activities and come up with initiative skills. Further, she encouraged students to be innovative and creative to bring out innovative projects for societal development. She had an interaction with the students on understanding their academic goals and feedbacks. After, the respective presentations of the speakers commenced.

Mr. Said Mahad Suhail Al-Mashani, presented the topic on “Effective Communication Skills for Students”. He covered interesting topics on the importance of communication skills, tips to improve communication skills and how students can be globally competitive with their communication skills. In addition, the speaker shared ideas on developing the skills on listening, reading, writing and speaking. He stated that “Body language plays a huge role in communication”. Watching western movies where dialogues are written in Arabic on screen would support in developing students communication.

The topic on “Innovation, Creativity & Project Skills” was presented by Miss Tufool Said Ahmed Al-Jahfali. She cited “Creativity is to see what others cannot see and it is a result of thoughts” and shared that creativity is a picture of what students imagine or either his/her idea. The speaker further stated that “Innovation is to do things differently which is the result of production processes”. She also described five creator’s qualities which students can learn and practice. The qualities explained are: creator asks a lot, likes to try a new thing, has a strange idea, can change their way of thinking, and does not give up easily. The speaker encouraged the participants to become creator by following the parameters such as: “reading” that takes one anywhere, “learning new things” by setting a goal and finding what you are interested in, and “positive thinking” to be positive from failures. Moreover, the speaker gave her motivation by sharing examples of student projects such as Google and Facebook which gained tremendous success and popularity. She concluded with a statement of Jem Rohan, “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you will find an excuse”.

Mr. Khalid Abdullah Salim Al-Mashikhi, on the other hand, shared about the “Free Open Source Software in Education”. The speaker presented the importance of Free Open Source Software in educational domain which is readily accessible by students for their effectual learning. The speaker suggested number of free software including free operating systems like Ubuntu, Linux. He explained the usage of the said free software and applications as additional materials helpful for the degree courses. As young students are engaged with smart phones and PDA (Personal Digital Assistants) devices, the speaker included a demonstration on latest and interesting educational mobile applications and showed how these can make tremendous changes in mobile-based learning.

Mr. Yousuf Anwar Sulaiman Al Sandi presented the topic on “Student Research”. The speaker gave an introduction on definition of research and its types. He deepened his discussion on why students should participate in preparing researches and the benefits they can gain by indulging in it. He also emphasized on which level students can write a research and the estimated time needed to prepare it. Further, he elaborated his discussion on how students can start preparing a research that suits their specialization, the steps in writing a research and how a student can improve his research skills. During the presentation, the speaker encouraged the student participants to initiate research, and ended by telling students his personal journey in writing and publishing researches.

After the presentation, healthy discussions and open interactions transpired within the students and speakers clarified the questions raised. Vote of thanks followed given by Mr. Rashad Ashoor Hajra Farajallah, IT Student Club Leader.

The management of SCT and HOD-IT, Dr. Fatima Al-Shanfari, greeted the organizing team for a well-organized event led by Dr. Wilfred Blessing N.R, who made necessary arrangements, the student speakers and the participants. Around 100 students and professors participated in this college level open forum. The participants provided the positive feedback about the program.

The program filled the day with creativity, sense of beauty and insights expressed by the speakers who paved way in motivating the minds of young student community who gathered with full enthusiasm.

Program Details
Welcome Address Dr. Wilfred Blessing
(Chairman, IT Projects)
Inaugural Address Dr. Fatima Al-Shanfari
(HOD, IT Department)
“Effective Communication Skills for Students” Mr. Said Mahad Suhail Al-Mashani
(Diploma Student)
“Innovation, Creativity & Project Skills” Miss. Tufool Said Ahmed Al-Jahfali
(Bachelor Student)
“Free Open Source Software in Education” Mr. Khalid Abdullah Salim Al-Mashikhi
(Bachelor Student)
“Students Research” Mr. Yousuf Anwar Sulaiman Al-Sandi
(Advanced Diploma Student)
Vote of Thanks Mr. Rashad Ashoor Hajra Farajallah
(IT Student Club Leader)

“MIMOSA” Workshop

Engineering Department - Timetable Committee headed by Dr. R. Rajashekaran conducted workshop on “Mimosa” – a course planning and scheduling software held on January 29, 2019 in ELEC-12L.

Dr. Nurul Hasan Shaikh, Lecturer in Electrical section explained about the applications of the software in preparing timetable such as accuracy in scheduling, thus avoiding clashes and overlapping.

Timetable Committee members of Engineering, IT, Business and ELC Departments participated in the workshop. Each participant was given actual training of preparing timetable using the software.

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Student Leadership Training, Seminar and Election of Officers

The Student Development Committee(SDC) of Engineering Department headed by Arch. Arwa Al Ghassani and Engr. Gerardo C. Laya conducted a Student Leadership training ,seminar and election of officers on Tuesday, 05 Feb. 2019 at ELEC 13L. The seminar stressed on leadership skills and other qualities that student leaders should acquire including active participation in planning, organizing and conducting academic and extra-curricular activities of the department.

Before the election, candidates discussed about their plans if elected as officers, then voting took place in which the following students were chosen for the Engineering Students’ Society (ESS):

PresidentAyham Nabil Al Ghassani (Electrical Engg)
Vice President for External AffairsHumaid Hamood Al Fure (Civil Engg)
Vice President-President for Internal AffairsAiman Mohamd Saleh(Elec. Eng’g)
SecretaryAaisha Mohammed Ahmed Al Mashiki(Chem. Eng’g)
TreasurerMohammed Khalfan Al Hashmi(Civil Eng’g)
Asst. TreasurerOsama Hussein Al Yafei(Mech. Eng’g
AuditorMajid Khalid Al Aamri(Mech. Eng’g)
Asst. AuditorMohammed Ahmed Al Mashani (Chem. Eng’g)

Student Development Committee members will serve as advisers for the society.

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How to Write Exams effectively and Ways of Improving Self Confidence seminar conducted by Student Development Committee of Engineering Department

In response to the needs survey conducted among students, the Student Development Committee of Engineering Department conducted a seminar on How to Write Exams Effectively & Improving Self-Confidence last 06 Feb. 2019 at ELEC 12L. The speaker was Engr. Syed Muhammad Iqbal, faculty member of Civil Engineering & Architecture section. He emphasized on the different factors affecting students’ performance in examinations such as study skills, sleep time, language barriers, absences, excessive use of gadgets, etc., and how to overcome these factors.


Complementary Workshops and Seminars conducted by Student Development Committee of Engineering Department in Collaboration with Electrical & Electronics Engineering Section

In line with the goals of the Engineering Department in enhancing the academic skills of students, the Student Development Committee in collaboration with Electrical & Electronics Engineering section conducted various seminars such as:

(i) Applications of GNU Octave Simulation Software in Control Engineering by Engr. Syed Fairose on February 6, 2019. The training was attended by Advanced Diploma and BTech students from Electrical and Mechanical Sections.

(ii) Project Design Preparation & Presentation by Engr. Arun Balaji on January 29, 2019. Students from Electrical section taking Final Year Projects attended.

(iii) Applications of Power World Simulation Software in Power Systems by Engr. Jonathan Talosig was an enrichment workshop for students taking course in Numerical Methods

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Web Development Boot Camp for IT Department Staff Featured

As part of the IT Staff Professional Development Program, Ms. Melissa Juanillo, chair of the HR Committee, organized a Web Development Boot Camp which was held on two consecutive Saturdays, 26th of January and 2nd of February 2019. The boot camp was facilitated by the Web Technologies expert Ms. Jasmin Tumulak-Estudillo from the IT Section and attended by the IT Staff.

The aim of the program is to enhance the skills of participants by providing them a comprehensive and practical approach to web application development, and share these new learnings to the students of the college especially in web-related courses and Course Project.

The two modules discussed in this training are the following:

Module 1: Responsive Web Design using Bootstrap

  • Basic Web Design Principles
  • Current Trends in Web Design
  • HTML5
  • Responsive Web Design using Bootstrap

Module 2: Basic Web Application Development using PHP and MySQL

  • Web Application Development Concepts
  • Basics of PHP5
  • Arrays
  • Database manipulation
  • Session Handling
  • Web security basics

After the completion of the modules, each participant were able to complete a functional web application project running on a live hosting environment and they were also given certificates for each module.


Mid Examination Time Table - 2018-2019 - Sem 2 Featured

Business Studies Department Information Technology Department
Engineering Department

Diploma First Year

Chemical Engineering

Civil & Arch Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


A presentation on “The Art of Teaching” Featured

A presentation on “The Art of Teaching” was conducted last January22, 2019 at IT12C-IT Bldg. from 12:00-1:30 P.M. It was organized by the Information System (IS) section of IT Department led by Dr. Abhishek Dubey, the Head of the section. The event is geared for participants to see their best potential and value the essence of seeking room for improvement in their ways of teaching.

The event formally started with welcome remarks by Dr. Abhishek Dubey, followed by an inspirational message given by the Head of IT Department, Dr. Fatima Al Shanfari.

The presentation covered relevant topics which were enthusiastically and generously delivered by selected members of the IS section.

Mrs. Marian Malig-on shared her piece on before class preparation. She emphasized the significance of preparation and planning and how it becomes a critical factor of effective teaching and student learning. Also, she presented important points as teacher’s guide for effective class preparation and planning to ensure lesson aims are met at the end of each class and achieve the overall course objectives.

Mr. Rogelio Gutierrez, on the other hand, focused in his presentation on classroom environment as one of the most important factors affecting student learning and in achieving effectiveness in instruction. He discussed five (5) elements of a positive classroom environment and how a teacher can apply these elements in toning and setting up a classroom for better students learning.

Mrs. D. Lincy Grace Kanagaselvi took her turn and continued the presentation on teaching methodologies. The speaker mentioned variety of teaching methods where some of these are contemplated as teacher centered focused and/or student engagement is limited. Hence, the speaker introduced the flipped classroom, an instructional strategy considered as one of the better options to shift instruction to student centered learning and redefine in-class activities by delivering instructional content in variety of forms outside of the classroom utilizing varied educational technologies.

Integrating technology in the classroom was the core of Dr. N.R. Wilfred Blessing’s presentation. The speaker stressed out how the emerging technologies can be used as a tool to shape how student will learn and how teacher can improve his/her teaching. He cited EZvid, a free software intended for screen capturing and video making useful for practical courses. Further, he made a demonstration on how to use the said software.

Before the event concluded, Ms. Josie Del Valle lightened the mood by giving a fun filled ice breaker where participants got the chance to recall and enjoyably share their teaching experiences. Moreover, Ms. Josie emphasized the benefits of ice breaker in integrating it in class as a way to put students and learners at ease in their learning process.

Finally, the special guest Dr. Darwish Abdullah Al-Kalbani, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs expressed his appreciation on the activity and shared words of encouragement and motivation to everyone.

The presence of the participants and guest, full support of the Head of IT Department, teamwork of the members of IS section and anchoring prowess of Dr. N.R. Wilfred Blessing made the entire activity a great success.

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