Facilities and Resources

Facilities and Resources


Facilities and Resources

The college provides an excellent student services in terms of Information Technology support. The ETC is the center responsible in delivering and managing IT facilities and resources in the college. The center also ensure that all departments specially academic will receive learning support in technological education by making available high quality, modern and cost effective IT facilities and resources.Some of these facilities are as follow:

    A. Network Operation Centre

The Network Operation Center (NOC) handled by the Network Administrator and the ETC Technical Support Team are made of well trained network technicians, which their function is to design, install, administrate and support college's computer Local Area Network (LAN), WIDE Area Network (WAN), network segment and internet and intranet network system, as well as, providing day-to-day onsite network administrative support in a variety of college work environments.

The Network Operation Center under the supervision of Computer Services Section maintains college's computer network (wired and wireless) hardware and software through the process of problem identification, analysis and provision of effective solutions. NOC is also in charge of the college's network (wired and wireless) security, configuring, implementing, and managing the on-going operations of numerous SCT servers where it makes network secured and is utilized in proper manner and in an effectiveness and efficiently way so to ensure its availability and viability to college users and according to college by-laws and laws of the country.

   B. All Computer Laboratories

Currently, SCT has total of 28 air conditioned computer laboratories which equipped with high end equipment, up to date model of computers, multimedia projectors and some laboratories are having smart board technology and connected to intranet and internet for innovative classroom instruction.

    C. Library Facilities

The SCT Library was founded in 1996. It uses Dewy Decimal System. It comprises huge English Titles and some Arabic and English Periodicals. The Books are displayed on open shelves which allow the Students and Staff to get in touch with all sort books directly. Presently, the SCT Library is progressively developed, using modern and Hi-Tech facilities

E-brary, On.line Catalog, Computerized Borrowing and Returning of Books using Barcode Technology are some services that can be used and enjoyed by the students and staff.

    D. E-Learning Laboratory

    E. Multimedia Facilities in Multipurpose Hall

    F. Photocopiying Centre

Annually, the ETC identifies and provide from all academic departments IT requirements. The department heads are responsible for the management and supervision of teaching and learning facilities and resources. In case of technical problems, the center specifically the support staff will diagnose and fix  the problems immediately to avoid some delays to the learning process of the students.

Aside from the facilities supervised by the Educational Technology Centre, lots of IT and some educational resources are also managed by  the centre.

 Hardware Resources

            1. Servers                9. Fax Machines     
  2. Computers 10. CISCO IP Phones
  3. Laptops 11. Security Camera
  4. Printers / Plotters 12. Scanners
  5. Photocopiers 13. LCD Projectors
  6. Bar Code Scanners and Printers 14. Smartboards
  7. Routers , switches and hubs 15. LCD/LED Display
  8. Access Points                                                    16. External HDD and DVD/CD Writer and others




The centre manages and maintains different types of computer software categorized to License and GNU Public License (Open Source ) required for the purpose of instruction and managing the Salalah College of Technology activities, these software are enumerated below.

      1. Microsoft License

    • Windows 2003 Server
    • Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA)
    • Windows 2003 Server
    • Windows 2000 Server

    2. Kaspersky Antivirus Kit (Server)

    3. Oracle 10g -    Oracle License

    4. GNU Public License

    • Lime Survey
    • Moodle 2.9
    • OCS (Open Computer and Software)
    • Untangle
    • Gestion Libre De Part Informatique (GLPI)   
    • Fedoro Core 6.0
    • OpenBiblio
    • Squirrel Mail
    • Apache
    • MySQL
    • Joomla 3

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