ETC Services

ETC Services


Educational Technology Center Main Tasks

Educational Technology Center is working hard to utilize technology to continuously improve our learning community and support our college vision. Efficient and rich use of technology is essential for both our faculty/staff and students. It is our goal to create a technology rich environment that improves the work and lives of all the members of our community: faculty/staff, students, and families. We also utilize technology as a resource for our learning. It is also our hope that technology will help us reach out to your learning community and others around the world.

 I. Computerized Operations Management

                  Administrative Services

 II. Computerized Systems Management


A. Infrastracture

  1. Network Administration
  2. LAN & WAN Management
  3. Server Administration
  4. Network Security
  5. User accounts management       
  6. Systems Administration
  7. Security (Back up and disaster recovery, Authentication and Security, Safeguard against virus)

B. Systems Developmen t (Web-enabled Services development)

  • College Website
  • SMS Service
  • E-books /E-Library
  • E-Learning
  • Easy Learning
  • Online Inventory with Tagging System
  • Online Survey
  • Online Catalog
  • Graduate Follow-Ups
  • Online Appraisal System
  • ETC Helpdesk
  • SCT Portal

C. Hardware Management

  1. Hardware maintenance ( Immediate and necessary repairs and preventive maintenance)
  2. Computer Laboratory
  3. Hardware acquisition (i.e. computers, printers, photocopiers, etc. )

D. Software Management

  1. Software agreements
  2. Software licensing      
  3. Software acquisition
  4. Software auditing
  5. Anti-Virus Updates 

III. ICT Services     


 A. Instructional Tools                                            

  1. Graphic Services
  2. Instructional Media
  3. Multimedia Production
  4. PowerPoint Slides for instruction
  5. Videoconferencing

 B. Library and Research    

  1. Internet Services
  2. Electronic Borrowing and Returning
  3. Electronic Resources (E-Library, E-Books and E-Journals)
  4. Instructional Software Library
  5. Online and Email Reference Services

 C. Communications            

  1. SCT Email (.edu account)
  2. SCT Short Messaging System (SMS)
  3. CISCO IP Phones
  4. Faxes

D. Printing
E. Wireless Services
F. ICT Trainings


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