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ELC holds awarding ceremony

True to its commitment to develop well-rounded individuals, the English Language Center of Salalah College of Technology continues to address student needs not only in academics but through extracurricular activities. The first semester of AY 2019-2020 was fruitful for the ELC with successful contests and events, which increased student involvement and raised awareness on the merits of using English as a Second Language.

To reward deserving students and teachers, the ELC held an awarding ceremony on December 3rd in the Self-Access Center. The program was introduced by Mr. Edward Stallard, followed by a welcome speech by Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, the Head of ELC. He commended teachers and students for putting their best foot forward and for fostering unity in achieving the objectives of the Center.

Dr. Darwish Abdullah Al Kalbani, the Assistant Dean for Students Affairs, was the guest of honour during the ceremony.

Meanwhile, all the ELC contested events were organized by the English Language Forum: Mr. Salim Al Mashani, Ms. Wendella Francis, Ms. Rachel Joseph, Mr. Marc Carmichael Brown, Mr. Musallam Al Mahri. and Dr. Claire Orpilla.

Below is the roster of awardees in the ELC contests/ events:


Portrait Champion Amina Muslem Mohammed Shamas
1st runner-up Osama Salim Al-Shibani
Nature Champion Abdullah Al-Hakmani
1st runner-up Humeid Al Farei
2nd runner-up Fatma Salim Al-Mashani
Landscape Champion Salma Amush Al Mahri
  1st runner-up Said Salem Said Al Mashani
  2nd runner-up Amer Salim Al Mashani


Abdullah Mohammed Al Hakmani
Raya Ali Al-Amri
Al Faisal Adil Sulaiman
Aisha Ali Al Habsi

C. Bulletin BOARD

Champion Level 3
1st runner-up Level 1
2nd runner-up Level 2
3rd runner-up Post-Foundation
4th runner up Level 4


Dr. Mohammmed Ahmed Nazeer Business Studies
Dr. Mohammed Al Mashani Engineering
Mr. Allan Salburo IT


Mr. Hatem Suwailam  Business Studies
Mr. Ninzo Thomas  Engineering
Ms. Jossie Del Valle IT

ELC gears up for 49th National Day

As soon as the first week of November kicked off, the English Language Center started preparing for the celebration of the 49th National Day. Hallways on all the floors of the ELC building have been adorned with various Omani symbols that manifest the spirit of nationalism and unity.

The English Language Forum board highlights Sultan Qaboos bin Said as the “Heart of Oman.” Hailed as the greatest leader by his constituents, His Majesty has transformed the Sultanate into a highly developed country not only in the Gulf region but also the whole world.

Another highlight of the ELC celebration is the photography contest for current students of the Salalah College of Technology. The theme of the contest is “Oman is my Home.” Photo categories include portraits, landscapes, and nature.

An exhibit of all the photo entries will be open for viewing on the 18th of November 2019 in the Self-Access Center when the ELC celebrates the most anticipated occasion in Oman.


ELC Welcomes New Students during the GFP Induction Program for Semester 1, Academic Year 2019-2020

The English Language Center (ELC) welcomed nearly 400 new intake students through its In-house Induction Program held last October 03, 2019 at Self-Access Center. Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki (Head of ELC), Ms. Salina Mascrelhas (ELC QA Coordinator) and Mr. Randy Magdaluyo (Level 1 Coordinator) organized the said activity with the help of the GFP Student Induction Committee members: Ms. Samha Al Mashali and Ms. Kamla Koofan (Level 1 Representatives), Mr. Khalid Al-Ghafri (Student Grievances Coordinator), Mr. Rajesh Menon (GFP-Math Coordinator), Mr. T. Karthikeyan (GFP- IT Coordinator), Mr. Prabagarane G. (ELC Registrar), Ms. Sharooq Reehan (ELC Assistant Registrar), Ms. Atsloom Al-Maashani and Ms. Amna Al Yafi (SAC Staff).

The program started with a brief welcome by Mr. Randy Magdaluyo on behalf of the English Language Center. It was followed by a discussion of the SCT motto, vision, mission, goals, and values by Ms. Kamla Koofan. She clearly presented all the important information about the college statements, administration, and graduate attributes. Translated handouts were also distributed for students to review and keep in their portfolios.

The English curriculum, assessment plan, e-learning resources, Self-Access Center services, attendance and examination procedures were discussed completely by Ms. Samha Al Mashali. She reiterated the English learning outcomes, requirements, materials and policies for students. Mr. Khalid Al-Ghafri also thoroughly explained the roles of the Grievance Committee Cell in handling complaints, prohibited behaviors and activities. The last session on the Math and IT curriculum, assessment plan, attendance policies and common rules, College Information Management System (CIMS) and SCT email was given by Mr. Rajesh Menon. All sessions were delivered through a Power Point presentation.

The activity ended with students completing the feedback forms on the conduct of the GFP Student Induction Program.


Intensive IELTS Preparation Classes for Post Foundation Students Completed

The English Language Center conducted a five-week intensive IELTS preparation class for Post Foundation students from May 19 to June 25, 2019. Classes were held in ELC-21 and the ELC Conference Room from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for Sunday, Monday and Wednesday sessions, and from 12:00 to 02:00 p.m. for Tuesday session. A total of 15 Post Foundation students in the Business, Engineering and Information Technology programs attended the classes for 18 days to help them prepare for the IELTS exam, which is required for them to advance to Higher Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree. The IELTS program was conceptualized and coordinated by Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, Head of the English Language Center, and was facilitated by Mr. Randy Magdaluyo, Level 1 Coordinator and IELTS Trainer.

The preparation classes included orientation sessions, short exercises and full simulation tests on the four IELTS skills, namely listening, reading, writing and speaking. The question types, band scores, test-taking skills, review strategies, exam procedures and time-management tips were explained comprehensively to students. Supplemental materials and assessments were also provided regularly to students for their independent review in their most convenient time.

The IELTS preparation classes were advertised on different social media accounts, college information boards and the official SCT website.


Workshop to re-enforce awareness of SP 2019-2024 (6 Elements)

SCT English Language Center HOC conducted a Workshop to re-enforce awareness of the SP 2019-2024 and the 6 elements introduced. Also, to discuss the next steps to be taken to develop the College SP sub-goals and KPIs

The target audience was all GFP Staff, both academic and non-academic. A total of 67 members attended the Workshop.

The GFP HOC, Mr. Saeed Al Mashiki welcomed the attendees and stated the purpose of the Workshop. He briefly described the process and development of the new SP and its importance to the Governance and management of the institution, and the ELC.

The QA Coordinator, Ms. Salina Mascrelhas stated the Agenda. The SP process and development was reiterated. The audience was reminded that the workshop would be beneficial for the upcoming GFP Audit, and introduced the 4 Presenters.

The first presenter, Ms. Radhika Kumar explained in detail the process of developing the 6 new elements of the SP 2019-2024: Motto, Vision, Mission, Goals, College Values, and Graduate Attributes. She gave a brief explanation of the:

  1. Motto: Where Technology is invented.
  2. Vision: To be in the forefront of higher education institutions in technological education nationally and regionally
  3. Mission: To provide high quality learning, training and research environment towards developing technological, innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities to meet the ever evolving social and economic needs.

Ms. Rachel Joseph, the second presenter engaged the audience through skillful questioning to give their feedback on the 3 Goals and the 4 College Values, from the GFP perspective.

Goal 1: To anchor our identity of technological education within an effective and efficient institutional system

Goal 2: To foster an environment that promotes applied research, innovation and consultancy in various fields of technology

Goal 3: To continuously develop institutional relationships in all relevant spheres with all stakeholders.

She then highlighted the 4 College Values which should be the guiding force for all activities in the ELC and the college at large.

College Value-1: Integrity_ to demonstrate ethical practices in all transactions, interactions and processes.

College Value-2: Professionalism_ to apply agreed rules and regulations, following set policies including code of conduct and standard operating procedures and working diligently to attain set outcomes.

College Value -3: Pursuit of knowledge and excellence_ to establish life-long learning, excellence in technological knowledge acquisition, application and innovation

College Value -4: Participation and Partnership_ to enhance participation and partnership relations within and beyond Colleges of Technology

The third presenter, Mr. Antony Jawahar, reiterated the importance of the 7 Graduate Attributes and gave a detailed explanation of the skills involved in the attainment of each of these attributes when students exit the various level of academic performance. The 7 Graduate Attributes are:

Attribute-1: Effective Communication (Group Skills: Active Listening, Critical Thinking, Confident Speaking and Focused Writing)

Attribute-2: Scholastic Rigor & Practical competence (Group Skills: Creative thinking, Problem Solving, Analytical thinking, Time management, Dexterousness, Knowledge ability)

Attribute-3: Team Work (Group Skills: Collaboration, Tolerance and Flexibility, Planning, Organization and Time Management)

Attribute-4: Lifelong Learning (Group Skills: Research Skills, Critical thinking, Inquisitiveness, Goal Setting, Commitment and Adaptability)

Attribute -5: Autonomy and Accountability (Group Skills: Work independently, Confidence, Responsibility, Transparency, Reliability and Authenticity)

Attribute-6: Innovation (Group Skills: Imagination, Aspiration, Problem-solving, Solution-integration, Visionary, and Perseverance)

Attribute-7: Entrepreneurship (Group Skills: Creativity, Initiation, Risk-taking, Resilience, Inspiration and Persistence)

Ms. Felicius Grace, the fourth presenter explained the SP-Development, the Formulation of Objectives, the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the Strategies in detail. She encouraged the audience to analyze the Goal Statement and voice some requirements for each goal. Then to formulate some objectives for each requirement shared. After that a discussion was held on how to meet the objectives using the KPIs.

The common template for the development of the SP was displayed. She informed the audience that several workshops will be conducted before the first draft was circulated to stakeholders for feedback.

Handouts were provided for feedback on the Workshop.

The Workshop was appreciated by the GFP Staff. The survey result was 4.77 on a 5-point scale

The QA Coordinator, Ms. Salina Mascrelhas proposed the vote of thanks.

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ELC teachers, students visit Sultan Qaboos Complex for Youth and Entertainment

Four teachers and 16 students from the English Language Center of Salalah College of Technology visited the Sultan Qaboos Complex for Youth and Entertainment on March 25, 2019.

Upon arrival the group was welcomed by Mr. Raid Kashoob and he gave a short presentation about the complex and its facilities. He also mentioned that all facilities shall be made available for membership in the future.

During the tour the group had the chance to navigate the library, the Multi-Purpose Hall, and the special room for conducting graduation ceremonies and other activities. Surprisingly, the same room can be turned into a baseball playing area. Other facilities of the complex include a full gym, a swimming pool, an oval track, a fitness center, and a bowling center. Both genders have separate sections in the complex.

When asked about the visit, the students disclosed it was fruitful and fun.

Mr. Salim Al-Maashani wants to thank Dr. Anwar Amir Al Ismaili, SCT dean, for authorizing the trip and helping in getting permission; Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, the HoC, for his limitless support and cooperation; and Mr. Raid Kashoob, from Sultan Qaboos Complex for Youth and Entertainment, for his warm hospitality and  information about the complex.


ELC Level 4 male students dominate in speaking contest

After an hour of grueling debate, the male students emerged as winners in the Level 4 speaking competition organized by the English Language Forum on March 26, 2019 in the Self-Access Center.

The girl’s team presented their ideas first about the topic “Traditional Education vs. Learning Online.” Armed with confidence, the boys refuted with a logically well-prepared and substantial PowerPoint presentation which paved the way to their victory.

According to Mr. Salim Al-Maashani, the ELF chairperson, the competition enabled the students to respond appropriately with basic social situations and expressed arguments and opinions on the topic.

Judges of the competition were Foundation teachers, namely: Ms. Rekha Siby, Ms. Aminah Sutphen, and Mr. Marc Carmichael Brown. Meanwhile, teachers felt elated in witnessing how their students displayed wit and sportsmanship during the contest.


L3 students given lectures by SA, ELC Grievance Committee

As a part of students learning motivation, Level 3 students were gathered on Tuesday 12/2/2018 to listen to lectures from the Student Affairs and the ELC Grievance Committee.

First, Mr. Salim Al-Mashani, the L3 Coordinator, rose up the main problems in his level, such as disciplinary problems, students’ performance and their achievements. After that, Mr. Khalid Al-Ghafri discussed briefly these points and mentioned how students should behave in class and respect teachers. He strongly emphasized that penalty based on the Bylaws will be implemented against anyone with misbehavior. He also reminded students about the negative impacts of smoking. Then, Mr. Said Al-Mashani from Guidance and Counseling gave a clear speech about how student should be concerned about their careers and achievement goals. Finally, Mr. Kamal Moaaz discussed about tardiness issues, homework duties, and submission on time sick leave excuses.

Students’ feedbacks showed that all the presentations were very informative and fruitful as they were exposed to the college rules and regulations and as they were given the chance to speak about their problems.

The L3 coordinator expressed his gratitude to the following for contributing to the success of the gathering:

  • Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, HELC
  • Dr. Darwish Abdullah Al-Kalbani, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
  • The presenters Mr. Khalid AL-Ghafri, Mr. Kamal Moaaz , and Mr. Saeed AL-Maashani
  • L3 teachers and students
  • Ms. Amna Al-Marhoon, Ms. Salma Al-Maashani, and Mr. Abdulhafeth Al-Bader from Student Affairs
  • Ms. Atsloom ALMaashani, Ms. Amna AL-Yafai, and Ms. Hanan Ramdan from Self-Access Center

GFP Induction Program for Semester 2, Academic Year 2018-19 conducted

More than 200 new intake students were welcomed by the English Language Center (ELC) through its In-house Induction Program on 31st of January 2019. The said program was coordinated by Mr. Randy Magdaluyo (Level 1 & Student Induction Committee Coordinator) and presented by Induction Committee members: Ms. Samha Al Mas’hali and Ms. Amal Al-Awadi (Level Representatives), Mr. Khalid Al-Ghafri (Student Grievances Coordinator), Mr. Rajesh Menon (GFP-Math Coordinator) and Mr. T. Karthikeyan (GFP- IT Coordinator).

The program started with a discussion of the SCT motto, vision, mission and values by Ms. Amal Al-Awadi. She explained clearly all details about the college statements and its graduate attributes. Translated handouts were also distributed to students.

The English skills, curricula, e-learning resources and assessment plan were presented thoroughly by Ms. Samha Al Mas’hali. A short speech in Arabic by an excellent level 4 student, Fatima Haidar Rasheed Al Zain, also helped students understand all these language learning requirements and resources as she shared her own experiences studying English.

Mr. Khalid Al-Ghafri also discussed completely the important rules in classroom activities, examinations, absences, warnings and academic behaviors in the campus. It was followed by the last session on the basic placement test, assessment plan, attendance policies and common rules for Math and IT by Mr. T. Karthikeyan and Mr. Rajesh Menon. All sessions were delivered through a Power Point presentation.

The activity culminated with students giving feedback on the college vision-mission-values statement and general rules, and student induction program.


Orientation: GFP Placement Tests for Semester 2 new intake students.

The English Language Center - General Foundation Program (ELC-GFP) conducted an orientation program on GFP Placement Tests for new students. The orientation was held in the Self-Access Center on the 6th of January 2019 with 325 student attendees. The orientation was conducted in two sessions 8:00- 9:00 and 9:30:10:30with a thirty- minute break in between.

During the orientation, copies of the induction week schedule were distributed to all attendees. Mr. Saeed Al Mashiki, Head – English language Center, welcomed the new intake students and he introduced briefly some rules and requirements of the ELC-GFP.

The SCT vision, mission and values (VMV) as well as the ELC administration were explained fully by Ms. Amal Al-Awadi. Online Placement tests rules, schedules and cut-off scores of the placement test for English were explained clearly by Ms. Samha Al Mas’hali. Mr. T. Karthikeyan and Mr. Rajesh Menon also discussed the online placement test, assessment plan, attendance policies and common rules for Math and IT. All sessions were delivered through a Power Point presentation.

The online registration dates were also announced. At the end of the sessions, the new students were encouraged to attend the college- level induction program in Multi-Purpose Hall which was scheduled at 10:30 am on the same day.

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