HOD Message

HOD Message

I feel a profound sense of responsibility for continuing Business Studies Department's proud legacy of revolutionary ideas and transformational educational experiences and to be building on the strong foundation created by our predecessors over the past few years. I recognize that we stand at a unique moment in time, and I am energized by the challenges that lie ahead. With business education at an inflection point, we must strive to equip future leaders with the competence and character to address emerging global business and social challenges.

Recently, changes in circumstances surrounding business and society have grown progressively severe, and we have been encountering with more complicated problems to solve. Within this highly revolutionary environment it is even very hard to predict how the society we live in today might look like few years later. The continuous growth of digital-based information and technical innovation in corporate business environment, especially informational revolution involved in development in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), has brought us brand new businesses and the structure of society that beat the conventional frameworks of industrial field, sector and so on, which has forced great changes in individuals and organization simultaneously. Thus, to survive in this highly dynamic world, it is therefore significant and necessary to find out the most effective ways of handling and coping up with all changes surrounding us by keeping always updated and informed with all new coming up. By doing so, these could provide a competitive advantage to the whole society, which may leads to successful contributions in all aspects of life especially in the area of corporate business environment and knowledge- based economy.

The Albert Einstein had an insight into the matter: Today’s problem won’t be solved by the logic that produced them. We have to tackle with a new point of view and behavior that has sound basis, in order to solve increasingly complex and developed problems employing imperfect means and tools.

Considering the social landscape, people who studies at a Business Studies Department should mind not only to cultivate their knowledge and analytical ability in business studies and methodical mind, but also to the fact that the ability to utilize them for real problem solving is needed most.

Business Studies Department offers a degree programme, which empowers the undergraduates to excel in both theoretical knowledge as well as technical, practical and real life applications of business. Its uniqueness stands at the blend of various specializations including Accounting, Marketing and Human Resources Management. In today’s dynamic business and with the ever-challenging economic trends, the combinations of these three declines are essential for those decision makers both in private and public sectors. What makes our program highly competitive is that it has been designed in such a way that can satisfied all the needs and requirements not only for the Omani market but for the GCC region and World Wide market collectively through offering a high quality teaching, learning and business training environment simultaneously.

At Business Studies Department, we are exerting our extreme effort to provide our students with outstanding quality of teaching and business learning environment and we are very proud that this effort is reflected by the success of our graduates.

Your future is brightening here in our department. Wishing you all the best and we are looking forward to welcoming you on campus.


Dr. Alya Al Nasseri
Head of Business Studies Department
Salalah College of Technology
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