Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs

Studying into Salalah College of Technology is like a big opportunity for every student who wants to learn and improve their skills and abilities. At SCT, you don't get quality education just with best faculty members and laboratory technicians, but with first-class facilities as well. You have well organized and all air-conditioned classrooms, modern laboratories, newly constructed buildings of Engineering, English Language Center and Petrochemical Buildings, a large football field, a newly-built Multipurpose Hall, spacious cafeteria for staff and students, and among others.

The College prepares its students very well. Be it in any field: business and economics, accounting, information technology, engineering, or the sciences. Aside from providing quality instruction, the college endeavors to develop well-rounded individuals ready to face and relate with different people from all walks of life, to rise up to the challenges at work and to meet or even exceed expectations of them.

Moreover, the academic programs provide the students the opportunity to be exposed to the actual work setting through different practical programs offered in all courses. This not only tests the knowledge and ability of the students, but also gives prospective employers the chance to discover the potential of the students.

Consistent with its goals, the College strives to foster an atmosphere of growth and learning by encouraging positive interaction among members of the academic community which include the faculty, administration, the alumni, the support staff, and of course the students.

Through all its resources, both physical and human, the College hopes to become a resource of Country by providing the Omani youth with the kind of education they rightly deserve, one which nurtures and develops both professional skills and values such as honesty, industry, critical thinking, and social awareness among its students.

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs Responsibilities and Authorities

  1. Supervising college academic activities.
  2. Monitoring the performance of teaching staff, in collaboration with the concerned heads of centers and departments.
  3. Specifying college needs for teaching and technical support staff in coordination with the centers, departments and concerned bodies.
  4. Specifying college needs for the supplies required for academic activities, such as equipment, study halls, educational resources, computers, workshops, laboratories and working towards developing them.
  5. Preparing all needed information and statistics.
  6. Offering technical assistance to the Dean in organizing examinations, including the formation of committees, determining the number of invigilators, as well as supervising the preparation of question papers and schedules.
  7. Supervising the implementation of quality assurance measures in academic activities and suggesting means of developing them.
  8. Supervising the publication of scientific pamphlets, magazines and periodicals.
  9. Supervising and organizing lectures, seminars and meetings.
  10. Submitting periodical reports on the different academic activities to the Dean.
  11. Evaluating the performance and forwarding the appraisal forms of the heads of the departments, and the technical support staff he/she supervises, to the Dean.
  12. Acting for the Dean in his/her absence.
  13. Carrying out any duties assigned by the Dean or the College Council.

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