• Research & Consultancy Committee

Funded TRC Projects - UTAS Salalah

1 Novel fabrication technique and characterization of Pt-Ru catalysts for use in Direct Methanol Fuel Cells. RG
2 Improving the Speaking Skills of Omanis to enhance Employability Skills and meet Oman 2040 Vision RG
3 Effective analysis & treatment of salinity of ground water from various sources in Dhofar governorate GRG
4 Developing a Hybrid Assessment Tool for Foundation Students GRG
5 Characterization of atmospheric corrosion near the coastal areas of Dhofar region in Oman GRG
6 Developing strategies for motivating students to enhance productivity in ELT classes GRG
7 Improving the productivity of ELT students by innovative technological tools: perceptions from different perspectives GRG
8 IoT-based autonomous cleaning robot using machine learning and ultra-wideband localization URG
Treatment of industrial wastewater by using cassava based biochar as adsorbent URG
10 An integrated unit for air cooling and atmospheric water extraction in water scarce region URG
11 Smart in-door plants monitoring and controlling system with IoT technology URG
12 University-based business incubator for start-up Omani entrepreneurs URG
13 Design and fabrication of smart dustbin using arduino controller - an efficient solid waste monitoring system for the university campus URG
14 Biomethanation of food waste to produce green energy URG
15 Micro-power generation for energy conservation at UTAS-Salalah URG
16 Solar based smart sanitizer dispenser system with IoT technology URG
17 A study on work-life balance of female staff members in select higher educational institutions of sultanate of Oman. URG
1 Smart Strategies to Prevent Vehicle Accidents at Dangerous Rural Roads in Oman RG
2 A Mobile-Based Application for Fault Compensation and Location on 132-400 kV Transmission Lines RG
3 Design and Fabrication of A Remotely Controlled Disinfectant Robot for Public Gathering Using Arduino Controller URG
1 Solar Assisted Pyrolysis Process for Extraction of Fuel from Plastic Waste and Investigation of Fuel Properties for Different Applications in Oman RG