• Educational Technology Centre

Educational Services Section

The Educational Services Section (ESS) is the second section of Educational Technology Center that provides the educational needs of the college, in terms of support like equipment, reproduction of learning materials and other related services toward achieving high quality education.

The ESS acts as an agent of change where it helps to formulate policy on technology-supported teaching and learning in the aim of maximizing the college resources utilization, flexibility and accessibility around the clock.

Formulated responsibilities of this section are listed below:

  • To promote better and flexible learning environment and to provide technical support to the teachers and students with appropriate trainings, to equip them with the proper operation and handling of learning support equipment and aids. 
  • To provide teaching staff with adequate education materials and services such as photocopying service and printing services and the like. 
  • To maintain adequate learning resources by the providing all equipment and devices supervised by the section. 
  • To provide a different types of multimedia services.

Head of Educational Services Section  Responsibilities and Authorities (Article 19A)

 The Head of the Educational Services, who is a teaching staff member, will have the following responsibilities and authority:

  • Working towards providing the teaching and the technical support staff with the necessary educational materials and training them for a better utilization of educational resources and aids.  
  • Classifying the section's educational materials and equipment, in addition to organizing their use.   
  • Updating, developing and maintaining the section’s educational materials and equipment.   
  • Supporting workshops, academic gatherings, seminars, and conferences in cooperation with the other concerned committees, departments and respective sections.   
  • Supervising the educational technology resources for self-access learning.   
  • Producing various educational aids for the benefit of the educational process, in cooperation with the concerned centers and departments.  
  • Evaluating staff performance and forwarding the appraisal forms to the Head of the Educational Technology Center.   
  • Carrying out any other tasks assigned by the Head of the Educational Technology Center.


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