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Diploma first year section

The Engineering Department piloted First Year Diploma Section in the summer semester of 2007. This was done to address concerns of students from Foundation. Engineering department receives the most number of new intake students from the Foundation. Diploma First Year orients and prepares the new intake to the new environment, system and framework in post-foundation.

Diploma First Year offers Fundamentals of Chemistry, Physics I and Physics II. These courses serve as preparatory courses for the different specializations in engineering.

Physics course covers the fundamentals of physics that are essential for engineering students. Major topics include measurements, basic principles of cosmology and astrophysics, elementary mechanics, work, energy and momentum oscillations, electric forces, field and electrical currents and technological applications. Other topics covered in this course are Electricity, Magnetism, LCR Circuits, Maxwell Equations, Optics, Heat & Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory of Gases, Sound, and Modern Physics.

Chemistry course covers the basic concepts of chemistry that forms an integral part for those who will major in the sciences and an essential background for those in other disciplines.


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