Administrative Decision No. 12/2021

  • In accordance with the Royal Decree No. (76/2020) to establish the University of Technology and Applied Sciences,
  • The Bylaws of Colleges of Technology issued by Ministerial Decision No. (72.2004)
  • And in the best interest of good work it was been decided:

Article No. 1: Health and Safety Committee is reviewed and new members are inducted.

Article No. 2: The members are as follows :

SN Name Position Responsibilities
1 Dr. Mohammed Salim Al Maashani Lecturer – Engineering Department Chairperson
2 Mr. Ahmed Ali Al Shanfari HoD – Administration Department Member
3 Dr. Syed Aqeel Ashraf Lecturer – Engineering Department Member
4 Mr. Asra Anjum Lecturer – IT Department Member
5 Mr. Arnelito Junio Lecturer – Business Department Member
6 Mr. Armando del Mundo Support Staff – Educational Technology Center Member
7 Mr. Kamal Moaaz Lecturer – English Language Center Member
8 Ms. Mayada Ahmed Al Ojaili College Nurse – Students Affairs Member
9 Mr. Salim Ahmed Al-Mashani Staff – Admission and Registration Department Member

Article No. 3: The terms of refernce of the Committee are as follow :

  • Ensures proper and suitable implementation of health and safety system in the College.
  • Reviews the implementation of health and safety policies and recommend necessary improvements.
  • Reviews health & safety reports received regularly from the Departments and Centers and takes necessary actions.
  • Addresses health and safety issues that require immediate attention.
  • Ensures that relevant information on emergency teams composed of trained fire wardens and first aiders are posted in all buildings.
  • Maintains coordination with national and regional organizations concerned with health and safety.
  • Raises awareness of good health, safety and welfare practices among staff and students in the college through trainings, seminars and workshops.
  • Raises awareness of health and safety through the college website (H&S Portal) and the college social media.
  • Identifies the hazardous areas and safety needs of the departments/centers/units and suggests needed improvements.
  • Ensures that the general operating guidelines for labs and workshops (that are part of QSMs) are strictly followed and implemented.
  • Checks the facilities and safety requirements such as fire aid kits, emergency exit marking, firefighting system, assembly points and etc.
  • Facilities the annual mock evacuation and fire drills.
  • Maintains a complete record of accidents in the College and submit to deans’ office for discussion in the College Council and undertakes necessary improvements actions.
  • Submits an annual report to the College Council about the condition of health and safety in the College, including recommendations for improvements.
  • Coordinates with the Risk Management Committee.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of the implementation of all planned H&S programs and activities indicated in the department/center/unit H&S Action Plans.

Article No. 4: This decision shall be effective from the date of issue

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