hod Quality Assurance Department

Welcome you to the Quality Assurance Department (QAD) webpage. The QAD forefronts at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences – Salalah (UTAS_SLL) to ensure an effective quality system of its awards in compliance with the UTAS set of regulations and requirements of the National Qualifications Framework and Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA). The department also aims to achieve operational excellence through overseeing all the processes and activities to help achieve the Mission, Vision and Values upheld by the university.

Internal Quality Assurance aims to promote the implementation of effective planning of day-to-day activities and sustain the dissemination of a culture of excellence among all UTAS-SLL. Stakeholders are provided awareness-raising workshops/training, monitoring of the implementation of College policies and College Council decisions. It is imperative to avail stakeholders’ evaluation of satisfaction (internal and external) and feedback on services provided administratively and academically in order to take the appropriate action to enhance university processes. The ADRI (Approach-Deployment-Results-Improvement) Model, as shown in the diagram below, is the methodology used at UTAS-SLL with a view to periodic quality improvement (See OAAA website for more on ADRI)

Image Quality Assurance Model for self review

Ultimately, implementing excellent quality in higher education institutions is never being arbitrary; it is always the consequence of high intent processing. It requires sincere effort, skilful execution, and cooperation. Quality Assurance is the responsibility of everyone. Thus, collaboration and a sense of ownership of the system makes a difference in maintaining and improving the overall quality.

Dr. Muna Hussain Muqaibal
Head of Department - Quality Assurance Department