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Chemical Engineering

The Chemical Engineering specialization program, with its substantial requirements in chemistry, heat transfer, mass transfer, unit operations, and reaction kinetics, among other specialization subjects provides students with a unique preparation to deal with many aspects of industrial processes and environmental pollution problems. The Chemical Engineering specialization program is a practice-oriented program that aims to develop well-trained chemical engineers/technicians who will be successful in their careers and prepared for further advanced studies. It gives students a special focus on the application of chemical engineering principles and processes to the solution of problems relating to industrial processes in Oman. Industries include petroleum refining, food processing, minerals extraction and processing, plastics, petrochemicals, chemicals, environmental management among others. The curriculum is designed to produce graduates that have the ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering. The curriculum, in consultation with industry partners, contains significant laboratory, field study and plant visits, and strong training components aimed at reinforcing the knowledge and skills gained in the classroom. The curriculum offers wide and diverse courses that will prepare students to be globally competitive. Upon completion of the program, graduates will have the ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams; the ability to design, conduct and interpret experiments; the ability to identify, formulate, and solve chemical engineering problems; and the ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.


  1. Produce nationally and internationally recognized qualifications – Bachelor, Higher Diploma, and Diploma – in Chemical Engineering.
  2. Provide a broad and diverse educational experience to meet the demands and challenges of the rapidly changing working environment.
  3. Formulate, develop, design, and deliver new and capstone courses for employment in professional practice and for progression to graduate studies.


  1. Ground the students in the fundamentals of mathematics, natural and engineering sciences necessary to understand and apply the principles of chemical engineering.
  2. Teach the basic principles of chemical engineering and their application to design using contemporary computational tools and laboratory experiments and activities.
  3. Prepare the students for careers in the chemical and related industries, consulting firms and government agencies, as well as to prepare for higher or graduate studies.
  4. Provide students with tools, skills and competencies necessary to understand and apply today's technologies and become leaders in developing and deploying tomorrow's technologies.
  5. Prepare students to be successful in their future workplace relationships.

Build the students' awareness of ethical, safety, managerial, environmental issues and ensure that they are able to communicate verbally and in writing at a satisfactory level.


  1. Increase competency and knowledge of scientific and engineering principles in the identification and solution of engineering problems.
  2. Conduct and analyze experimental work and to design processes and systems to meet specific objectives using modern engineering tools and technologies.
  3. Highly effective communication skills using the English language in writing and spoken form.
  4. Gain abilities to function productively in teams or individually.
  5. Obtain foundation to support lifelong learning to promote personal and professional growth.
  6. Realize professional and ethical responsibilities and create awareness of the societal impact that their professional activities may bring.


  • Chemical Engineer
  • Chemical Process Engineer
  • Automatic Control Engineer
  • Chemical Research Engineer
  • Chemical Test Engineer
  • Biochemical Engineer
  • Safety Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Chemical Equipment Sales Engineer
  • Chemical Plant Manager
  • Product Engineer
  • Product Development Researcher
  • Quality Control Engineer
  • Quality Control Specialist
  • Chemical Laboratory Analyst
  • Technical Writer
  • Consultant
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Quality Control Technician
  • Process Control Technician
  • Production Technician
  • Trainee Engineer (Chemical)
  • Research Trainee
  • Project Assistant


Semester 1
1 CHEM1100 Fundamentals of Chemistry 3
2 MATH1102 Pure Math 3
3 ITAD1100 Advanced IT Skills 3
4 ENTW1100 Technical Writing 1 3
5 CECE1100 Engineering Graphics 3
Semester 2
6 ENTW1200 Technical Writing 2 3
7 MATH1200 Calculus 1 3
8 PHYS1100 Physics 1 3
9 EEPW1240 Engineering Workshop 3
10 EECP1290 Computer Programming for Engineering 3
Semester 3
11 PHYS1211 Physics 2 3
12 BAMG2111 Entrepreneurship 3
Semester 1
1 CHEM2100 General Chemistry I 3
2 CHEM2101 Organic Chemistry 3
3 CHEE2101 Engineering Thermodynamics 3
4 MATH2100N Calculus II 3
5 EEPW2150 Electrical Principles 3
Semester 2
6 CHEM2200 General Chemistry II 3
7 CHEE2200 Introduction to Chemical Engineering 3
8 CHEE2201 Petroleum Processing and Refining 3
9 CHEE2202 Fluid Mechanics 3
10 EERE2201 Introduction to Renewable Energy 3
Semester 3
11 PHIL3108 Business Ethics 3
12 CHEE2399 Diploma Project 3
Semester 1
1 MATH3120N Engineering Mathematics 3
2 CHEE3100 Chemical Process Industries 3
3 CHEE3101 Heat Transfer 3
4 CHEE3102 Mechanical Operations with Engineering Materials 3
5 CHEM3401 Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry 3
Semester 2
6 CHEE3201 Mass Transfer 3
7 CHEE3202 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 3
8 CHEE3203 Chemical Reaction Engineering 3
9 CHEE3204 Polymer Science and Technology 3
10 ENGL3100 Public Speaking 3
Semester 3
11 PHIL3201 Formal Arabic Communication 3
12 CHEE3399 Higher Diploma Project 3
Semester 1
1 CHEE4101 Chemical Process Dynamics, Instrumentation and Control 3
2 CHEE4102 Separation Process 3
3 CHEE4103 Computer Aided Design 3
4 CHEE4104 Introduction to Biochemical Engineering 3
5 CHEE4105 Engineering Statistics 3
Semester 2
6 CHEE4298 ChE Final Project I 3
7 CHEE4201 Plant Design and Economics 3
8 CHEE4202 Introduction to Environmental Engineering 3
9 CHEE4203 Energy Conversion 3
10 CHEE4204 Industrial Health and Safety 3
Semester 3
11 CHEE4299 ChE Final Project 2 3
12 PHIL4100 Oman Civilization 3

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  • Address: Thumrait Rd. Salalah, Dhofar, Sultanate of Oman, P.O. Box 608, Postal Code. 211
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