• Information Technology Department


Goals: To provide every student at UTAS, Salalah with mathematical experiences and mathematical ideas that will serve as a foundation for their careers and further study in different specializations, as well as departments such as Information Technology, Engineering, and Business Department.


  • Become mathematical problem solvers
  • Learn to communicate mathematically
  • Learn to reason mathematically
  • Learn to value mathematics
  • Become confident in their own abilities

Learning Environment:

  • All students’ mathematical learning will embody the concepts that engagement in mathematics is essential, and that decision-making, risk-taking, cooperative work,perseverance, self-assessment, and self-confidence are frequently keys to success.
  • All students will be evaluated using a diversity of assessment tools and strategies to provide multiple indicators of the quality of every child’s mathematical learning and of overall program effectiveness.

We serve a dual role at the College—we provide every student with a solid foundation in the FOUNDATION LEVEL and we also provide majors with rigorous training in advanced mathematics in POST FOUNDATION DEPARTMENTS.

Math courses offered in FOUNDATION:

  • FPMB 0001 Basic Math
  • FPMA 0002 Applied Math
  • FPMP 0003 Pure Math

Math courses offered in SPECIALIZATIONS:

Math courses offered for IT program:

  • Diploma level 1 – MATH 1200 Calculus-I
  • Diploma Level 2 – MATH 201 Mathematics for IT
  • Advance Diploma – MATH 2200 Discrete Structure
  • MATH 311 Probability and Statistics for IT

Math courses offered for Engineering:

  • Diploma level 1 – MATH 1200 Calculus-I
  • Diploma Level 2 – MATH 2100 Calculus-II
  • Advance Diploma –MATH 3120 Engineering mathematics
  • Bachelors - MATH 4130 Probability and statistics

Math Help Center & Math club:

Providing continuous support to our students through organizations such as the help center and the Math Club to develop their skills.

(Our ultimate aim is to achieve the highest level of student satisfaction)