• English Language Centre

General Foundation Program

The main aim of the GFP is to develop students' linguistic proficiency and to gain the required Math knowledge and IT skills as prerequisites of the Post-Foundation specialization programs. Throughout the four levels in GFP, newly registered students are placed in these levels based on their scores in the English Placement Test, whatever is their prospective specializations. When students score exceptionally in the Placement Test (76% and above), they are eligible to sit for exit exams in Level 4 English, Math and IT. Should they pass the said exams, students go directly to the credit hour program as long as they satisfactorily meet all the other admission criteria for the target specializations.

Writing Center

The Writing Center at the ELC strives to strengthen students’ writing skills by addressing their specific challenges, as well as by bolstering their confidence and encouraging their active participation in their own learning. Students are welcomed both by referral and as walk-in students. In this way, every student has the opportunity to take advantage of the writing support they need.

Post-Foundation Program

The ELC offers four courses for Specialization students in the Post-Foundation Program. The courses offered for students from the Business Studies, Engineering, and Information Technology Departments include: Technical Writing 1 & 2, Technical Communication, and Public Speaking. All courses focus on the improvement of students’ job-related communication skills like report writing, presentation skills, and enhancing technical vocabulary. Each course has four teaching hours per week.

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