• Research & Consultancy Committee


The University of Technology and Applied Sciences at Salalah established the Research and Consultancy committee to accomplish the university mission and goals. In the context of these mission and goals, research and consultancy are focused directly on the needs and concerns of community, economy and industry. The university, through the committee activities, encourages academic departments and industries to collaborate in order to foster information transfer, research and enhance the socio-economic effect in Oman.

The committee seeks to achieve the university goals by supporting academic staff and students pursuing research and consultancy opportunities. It encourages activities such as conference presentations, publishing books or research articles, which are of clear benefit to the profile and reputation of the university. The committee initiates a range of activities to improve the research skills of the staff and students. This is achieved by conducting different research webinars, workshops, conferences, symposiums on the recent technology developments and current research trends. The committee honors outstanding efforts by staff and students in research and consultancy endeavors.

The committee is responsible for finding research cooperation and funding opportunities. It is also responsible for encouraging and supervising the staff and student’s participation in funding opportunities provided by Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation through The Research Council (TRC) and EJAAD platform.

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