• Information Technology Department

The IT Department offers two programs which are comprised of the Information Technology (IT) and Information Systems (IS) with a range of choices options when it comes to its specializations in Diploma, Advance Diploma and Bachelors Level. Each program offers a flexible mode of learning to enable students to study through the medium of face-to-face classes, or alternately by making use of practical applications through the use of IT Facilities and study through its e-Learning and multimedia applications. Each program follows a certain hierarchy or levels that must satisfy its respective requirements. The student will undergo two years of study for their Diploma Level (Diploma I Year & Diploma II Year) in Networking or Software Development Specializations. In the higher levels such as Advance Diploma and Bachelor, the students who opted for Networking Specialization will progress in their studies in Networking / Information Security Specializations. And, the students who opted for the Software Development specialization program will progress in their studies in Software Engineering / Database Specializations.

Aim & Objectives

  • To educate and train Information Technology (IT) professionals to meet the demands of the economy.
  • To enable the students to adapt to the professional requirements.
  • To enable the graduates to communicate clearly, concisely, and correctly in the written, spoken and visual form that fulfills the needs of their individual job markets or occupational sectors.
  • To enable graduates to undertake professional activities in Information Technology, Networking, Information Security, Database and Information Systems.
  • To provide graduates with the necessary theoretical and applied backgrounds needed to pursue careers as Information Technology professionals in industry, business and services.
  • To promote enthusiasm among students by participation in an information and scientific-based knowledge community
  • To train graduates to administer network computers, troubleshoot hardware and software problems, manage data and develop Internet web pages