• Engineering Department


The Engineering Department is by far the largest post foundation department in the College with an enrolment of 1391(AY 2018-2019 Semester 2). The department is composed of three sections - Civil & Architectural Engineering, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Electrical Power Engineering. These sections offer Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Bachelor programs...

Five programs are currently offered at the Engineering Department, namely Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

Diploma First Year is the first post-foundation level in the department that offers preparatory courses required for all students before entering the specialization.

Within the context of the learning outcomes and graduate attributes, Engineering Department sets standards to equip students with competencies and skills to adapt to social, technical and other challenges. These are achieved through various teaching-learning strategies, among which are interactive lectures, laboratory sessions, guest lectures, industry visits, and industry-based research projects.

The culture of friendly competitions using scientific and technical approach is encouraged among engineering students. This culture has been manifested in winning several competitions participated in by the department. Academic, co- curricular and extra- curricular activities complement to mould a well-rounded student.

The Engineering Department continuously maintains strong partnership with various local companies and industries. This partnership is vital in the preparation of up-to-date curricular offerings. Initiatives to open collaboration with new and existing market players are undertaken by the Head of Department and Heads of Sections. Employment prospecting is also initiated through strong collaborative partnerships resulting in the successful hiring of engineering graduates by different companies and industries.

Social and community responsibility is extended by staff and students through academic and technical assistance to schools and institutions that seek support from the department.