• Business Studies Department

Business Studies Overview

The program in Business Studies, started by the Ministry of Manpower, is a five-year program starting from foundation year and going up to Baccalaureate level. Currently, the Business Studies Department of Salalah College of Technology offers program from Diploma 1st & 2nd years up to Advanced Diploma level in Marketing specialization and up to Bachelor level in Accounting and Human Resource Management specializations. However, there is a plan to open Bachelor level in Marketing in the near future.

The Department of Business Studies offers to all students high quality teaching, learning, and training opportunities to obtain a Diploma / Advanced Diploma / Bachelor’s Degree in Business in line with the requirements of the market needs. Our goal is to create effective partnerships with the public and private sectors to ensure the best career success for our graduates.

The Business Studies programme has been designed to meet the needs of the Omani market and the GCC region, offering great educational and career opportunities. We provide the best of both theoretical education and practical experience, making this programme distinctly unique and highly competitive.