The Industrial and Community Engagement Committee (ICEC) is established for the academic year 2022-23 vide Administrative Decision number 5/2022 by the Dean of the University of Technology and Applied Sciences (UTAS), Salalah in accordance with the Royal Decree number 76/2020 and the bylaws of the Colleges of Technology issued by the Ministerial Decision number 72/2004.

The ICEC acts as a hub between various academic departments and centres of the UTAS, Salalah and community, industries and higher educational institutions (HEIs). The committee support the community through community training programmes posted under the COMMUNITY TRAINING SCHEDULE section. The committee also promotes industrial activities in the UTAS by partnering with industries from Salalah Free Zone, Raysut Industrial City and independent companies and industries. The committee also collaborates with HEIs for various research activities.