• Student Affairs

Housing, Student Activities and Graduation Department

The arts and cultural activities at the SCT are diverse. There is always something going on. Whatever your taste, you will find exciting and entertaining programming throughout the year. Opportunities to perform and participate, or just to observe and be an audience member are numerous. The variety, quality and number of arts events at the SCT contribute in many ways to the vibrancy of the entire community.

Furthermore, this department extends its responsibilities to all student clubs, associations, and activities related to fine arts, music, folk dance, drama and other cultural related events as well as by issuing the Students' Newspaper.

The department achieves its goals with the following objectives:

  1. Stimulating and encouraging the development of hobbies among students.
  2. Developing and encouraging artistic talents and appreciation of arts among the students.
  3. Encouraging students to participate in the Omani, Arabic and Islamic cultural and folk activities.
  4. Encouraging creative work among students.
  5. Promoting special activities and interests among students.
  6. Promoting an open atmosphere for positive discussion.
  7. Trying to solve problems that students encounter.
  8. Opening discussion channels between the administration and the students as well as between the students and the local community.
  9. Introducing foreign staff to Omani students and to the Omani tradition and culture.
  10. Organizing field trips inside Oman and cultural trips inside and outside Oman.
  11. Checking the student allowance based on their School Region.
  12. Taking care of Student Health at the college clinic.