• Educational Technology Centre

HOC Message

In accordance with its mission and vision, the Educational Technology Centre (ETC) is committed to enriching the UTAS-Salalah community through innovative technology and delivering outstanding support services. Furthermore, it strives to provide exceptional learning resources for student development, equip staff and faculty with teaching tools and facilities, and ensure that resources are used effectively to benefit all stakeholders. The centre administers, monitors, and maintains the whole campus computer network infrastructure, keeping it up to date with the needs of rapidly changing next-generation technologies.

The Educational Technology Centre (ETC) is made up of a professional technical team that specializes in diverse areas of expertise and is committed to providing great support service through its three sections, namely:

  • Computer Services Section (CSS).
  • Educational Services Section (ESS).
  • Library Section.

With constant work, we aspired to optimize systems and procedures, increase student participation and engagement, improve student-centred learning, promote communication and cooperation, and do so with the assistance of cutting-edge educational and technological resources.

Khalid Abdullah Salim Muflah
Head of Center