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Admission and Registration Procedures in Foundation Level

STEP 1 The foundation year  comprises three semesters. In case you fail in any of the levels, you will have the opportunity of repeating only one semester
STEP 2 Student has to come to college along with photocopy of Resident card, Original Mark sheet and 4 Photos and fill the college registration form.
STEP 3 HEAC sort list half or the student for first semester and rest of the student for the second semester.
STEP 4 Admission and registration department of College issues the ID card of each student.
STEP 5 Foundation Program, where you will study the English language, mathematics and information technology, for the purpose of providing you with the basic knowledge, developing your skills and preparing you to follow college program(s).
STEP 6 You will also be given a single chance, equivalent to a period of one semester to sit for either the TOEFL or IELTS test, in case you fail to attain the required average in either test.
STEP 7 In all cases, your registration at this stage will be cancelled, if the allotted time ends before the you pass the aforementioned courses’ or level exit exams, or fails to attain the average required in either the TOEFL or the IELTS test. (Article 29)
STEP 8 As Foundation Program student, you will not be registered for specialization, unless you pass the mathematics, information technology and English language tests, and obtains the minimum grade in English language courses/levels, TOEFL or IELTS exams/tests, as periodically decided, in addition to submitting the Enrolment Application Form. (Article 31).(For eligibility of Certificate minimum of TOFEL mark is 350 and for Higher Diploma 390).


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