• Administration and Financial Affairs

Financial Affairs Department

The Head of the Finance Department will have the following responsibilities and authority:

  1. Preparing the annual budget and presenting annual reports.
  2. Executing purchase orders, filling in the required documents, supervising expenditures, scrutinizing documents and recording journal entries, in compliance with the government’s financial rules and regulations.
  3. Maintaining petty cash, auditing its records and ensuring its compliance with the government’s auditing regulations.
  4. Supervising the college payroll.
  5. Supervising the college cash, participating in its annual count, and performing audit.
  6. Making use of the modern financial systems, and suggesting the necessary modifications on the college financial systems, rules and regulations in coordination with the college and the ministry professionals.
  7. Evaluating staff performance and forwarding the appraisal forms to the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs.
  8. Carrying out any other tasks assigned by the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs.