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Tuesday, 14 December 2021 14:29

Lav - Stress Free Hand Sanitizer

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Title of the event: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition 2021
Award: 3rd Place
Project Title: Lav - Stress Free Hand Sanitizer

The project intends to safeguard our family and society from illnesses and diseases while also improving quality of life, particularly during these COVID times. The current demand for hand sanitizer is increasing, as is the market potential. The goal of our research is to minimize demand by developing indigenous hand sanitizers to meet the demands of health care workers, public and private sector employees, the elderly, chronic patients, the general public, and society.

While our formulation contains all of the World Health Organization's (WHO) required ingredients, it is distinguished by the addition of lavender and lemon oil, which promotes relaxation and is thought to treat anxiety, allergies, depression, and wounds while also providing the antioxidant benefits of lemon oil.

Our hand sanitizer is made in a batch method with ingredients such as ethyl/isopropyl alcohol, which kills germs and viruses, glycerin, aloe vera gel, which functions as a humectant, and hydrogen peroxide. To inactivate contaminated bacterial spores in the necessary amounts, distilled water and scents are utilized. A brief investigation into the safety standards, general safety concerns, and risk and mitigation strategies associated with the usage of alcohol-based hand hygiene preparations was also done.

Students Name:
42S1779 Ahmed Salim Mohammed Said Al Hilali
46S1854 Maryam Mohammed Othman Reer Oman
22S1817 Yuosif Al Mu Saif Salim Al Uwaimri

Dr. Raja Thiruvengadam and Ms.Lakhayar Amer Al Amri


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