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Around 302 new intake students of the General Foundation Program (GFP) attended an orientation program at the English Language Center as UTAS-Salalah commenced its second semester for the academic year 2021-2022. The new students were organized into 12 groups, 10 in the ELC new building and 2 in the ELC main building. Each group had its own tutor, who was tasked to oversee the orientation program.

In adherence to the Supreme Committee’s decision on social distancing, the UTAS-Salalah key officials delivered their messages virtually (via MS Teams) to the new GFP students.

Dr. Mohammed Rashid Al Mamari, the Dean of UTAS-Salalah, opened the orientation program. In his speech, he encouraged the students to take their studies seriously and to get familiar with the numerous facilities and services in the university. He highlighted the role of the university in preparing students to be equipped with high competences of knowledge and skills needed in the global labour market. He also provided a glimpse of the three academic departments, which students go for their post-foundation studies.

After that, Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, the Head of the ELC, delivered his message to the students. He gave a run-through of the multi-cultural background of the staff, who are highly qualified to help students become more proficient in the international language. He advised the students to put extra efforts into studying English outside the classroom. In that way, students’ language skills would be enhanced, which will greatly help in their post-foundation studies. He also thanked the ELC staff for handling their duties well amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs likewise gave a talk during the orientation program. Mr. Ahmed Al Rawas discussed the services being offered by the Student Affairs, such as guidance and counseling. He assured the students that his department is always ready to assist them in their needs, and it is the job of the Student Affairs to ensure the quality of student life both inside and outside the classroom.

Meanwhile, the group tutor for each class presented some PPT slides illustrating the guidelines in IT and the Math Progress Tests, login information for taking these said tests, instructions for registering courses on the CIMS platform, and some COVID protocols that must be observed at all times on the university premises.

In continuous adherence to one of the University’s goals to develop and strengthen institutional relationships in all relevant aspects with the stakeholders, the College Dean, Dr Mohammed Rashid Al-Mamari, welcomed the Technical Support Team of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) for a collaborative meeting on January 13th, 2022.

The Dean proudly conveyed that UTAS-Salalah emphasizes on the importance of fostering future entrepreneurs by encouraging creativity, innovation, and collaboration to students. The discussion likewise highlighted on the significance of integrating entrepreneurship education together with a strong academic foundation by pursuing students with the skills and knowledge they need to develop business ideas and develop their own project ventures. Mutually beneficial ways on how both parties can work in partnership were similarly discussed such as extending two-way support in the areas of entrepreneurship, academics and other facets significant to both parties.

The Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) Technical Support Team ensures the management of the University of Technology and Applied Sciences-Salalah of its unceasing support and its keenness on developing the private sector by encouraging future entrepreneurs.

Carrying out the University’s commitment to strengthen its relationship with the private sectors, a collaborative meeting was held between the University of Technology and Applied Sciences-Salalah and the National Bank of Oman (NBO) on January 12 th , 2022. The College Dean, Dr Mohammed Rashid Al-Mamari welcomed the management delegation of NBO headed by Mr Mohammed Al-Balushi, the bank’s General Manager in the Dhofar Region.

Focus of the meeting was on the subject of mutual collaboration between UTAS-Salalah and NBO including how the latter can be of support to the University’s student activities and projects.

A series of future meetings are planned to be held between UTAS-Salalah and the different private sectors in pledge of one of the University’s goal, that is, to build on its relationship with the industry and its stakeholders.

In acknowledgment of their achievements and for being a source of pride to the University, the College Dean, Dr Mohammed Rashid Al Mamari, presented certificates of recognition to students for their respective accomplishments.

On his remarks, the Dean stressed that national and international competitions are platforms for the students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills and expressed his pride that students from UTAS-Salalah excel in such competitions. He likewise added on the importance of incorporating the research and entrepreneurship culture together with the strong academic foundation.

The following students received recognition on January 5th, 2022.

“The Fourth Youth Research Forum 2022” Organized by Qatar University: Qualifying in the 2nd round of the Competition:

Muna Amer Ali Azam Al Amri
Amal Said Amir Mubarak Kashoub

Faculty Mentors

Ms Arlene Joaquin
Dr. Rakesh Namdeti
Mr Umareddi Meka

“Student Company Programme Competition 2021” by Injaz Oman: Won the Best Visual Advertisement Award:

Amira Ahmed Abdullah Al-Bas
Muna Ali Said Ahmad Alshahri
Safiya Ali Salim Ba Omar

“Oman Triathlon Championship 2021”: Gold Medalist Awardee


The College Dean, Dr Mohammed Rashid Al-Mamari presented certificates of recognition to staff and students in acknowledgement of their outstanding achievement for securing research funding from The Research Council (TRC) for their respective research works.  On his remarks, the Dean highlighted the importance of incorporating research components together with a strong academic foundation. He likewise emphasized on the significance of promoting motivation and encouragement among the staff and students to advance further by pursuing funded research, producing quality student projects in collaboration with the industries and for the staff to give focus on conducting activities related to research.

The following staff and students were recognized:


Dr. Mohammed Bakhit Kashoob

Lecturer, Engineering Department


Dr. Mohammed Salim Al Mashani

Lecturer, Engineering Department


Dr. Mohammed Musallam Al Mahri

Lecturer, IT Department


Mr. Venkatesan T.

Lecturer, Engineering Department


Dr. Sellappan Narayanagounder

Head of Section, Engineering Department


Mr. Jamin E. Santiago

Technician, Engineering Department



Student, Engineering Department



Student, Engineering Department



Student, Engineering Department

The recognition was graced by the presence of the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs on December 28th, 2021.

The College Dean of UTAS-Salalah College of Technology, Dr Mohammed Rashid Al-Mamari together with his Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr Majdi Mohammed Bait Ali Sulaiman welcomed the management delegation of UTAS-College of Applied Sciences Salalah comprising of the Dean, Dr Said Salim Jaboob and Dr Alamir Al-Alawi, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Scientific Research.

Focus of the meeting was on the subject of academic collaboration between the two Colleges specifically on the areas of research, entrepreneurship and student activities. The subject on how faculty members, researchers, and students from both institutions can collaborate on academic programs, courses, and projects was similarly discussed.

A series of future meetings are planned to be held both at the university and departmental levels to further strengthen the cooperation between the two institutions.

Dr Mohammed Rashid Al-Mamari, Dean of the University of Technology and Applied Sciences-Salalah presented certificates of recognition and appreciation to honor staff for their valuable contributions and dedication to the institution. In his remarks, the College Dean highlighted that the University recognizes that its success depends on its staff’s commitment and unceasing pursuit to excellence.

The following staff were honored for their contributions, dedicated service and outstanding accomplishments:

  1. Dr. Zakiya Said Al-Amri who was the Head of the Admission and Registration Department.
  2. Dr. Hussam Ahmed Baseedeq who was the Head of the Entrepreneurship Department.
  3. Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Al-Ghazali who was the Head of the Business Studies Department.
  4. Mr. Salim Salah Al-Ghassani who was the Head of Quality Assurance Department.
  5. Mr. Zaid Musallam Baawain who was the Head of the Human Resources Department

The recognition was graced with the presence of the College Council members on December 21st, 2021.

Recognizing the importance of educational visits, Salalah Private School organized an on-campus visit to the University of Technology and Applied Sciences-Salalah on December 14th, 2021.

Twenty (20) students from Salalah Private School together with their supervisor, Mr Saeed Taufeeq, partook in the visit in coordination with the University’s Student Affairs.

Mr Ahmed Mohammed Al Rawas, the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, welcomed the guests and expressed his appreciation to the school for giving UTAS-Salalah the opportunity to meet its students and showcase the University’s resources and capabilities. Mr Al Rawas likewise reiterated that a campus visit will allow prospective students to experience the actual learning environment on campus, i.e. seeing the facilities and resources as all these elements are critical for students to understand their preferences for higher studies.

Representatives from the Student Advisory Council and from the different academic departments likewise welcomed the guests and shared their experiences as current students of UTAS-Salalah. The students together with their supervisor were also given a tour of the University, i.e. the different laboratories, workshops and University facilities and were given overview of the different specializations.

Finally, Dr Mohammed Rashid Al Mamari, Dean of UTAS-Salalah, presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the school for organizing such an educational visit for their students to gain perspective of the University experience.

The Dean of the University of Technology and Applied Sciences-Salalah, Dr Mohammed Rashid Al-Mamari presented certificates of recognition on December 14th, 2021 to the students of Information Technology Department who were selected as top finalists in the UK-Oman Hackathon Challenge.

The Innovative Oman Hackathon Challenge was jointly organized by London, United Kingdom and the Government of Oman in coordination with different IT companies, Academic and Ministerial organizations Plexal, Cylon, imperial college-London, Cyber Owl, EY UKI Cyber, UK-Oman Digital Hub, Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technology and Al Jabr.

Ms. Salma Ali Mahad Akaak, Ms. Fatima Naif Al Aamri, and Mr. Abdul Azeez Mohammed Al-Mashani presented their project entitled “Ransomware- How Might We Detect and Predict this Attack to Protect Government Institutions and Employees” in front of expert panels who commended and selected the idea to be presented in the final round of the competition. The team’s faculty mentors, Dr R Venkateswaran and Dr Bernard Ugalde were also presented certificates of recognition for guiding and supervising the team.

The Dean of the University of Technology and Applied Sciences-Salalah, Dr Mohammed Rashid Al-Mamari, has officially launched the Inter-Departmental, Center, Section and Staff Competition in a meeting held on December 14th, 2021.

Addressing the Heads of Departments/Center and the Heads of Sections of the academic departments and center, the College Dean asserted the importance of fostering the staff commitment, engagement and motivation in setting-up and accomplishing the goals of the University. With this, the idea of conducting an inter-departmental, center, section and staff competition was conceived to be piloted for the Academic Year of 2021-2022.

On behalf of the UTAS-Salalah’s management, the Dean likewise conveyed his confidence that a healthy internal competition between the departments, sections, centers and staff will inspire teamwork and will encourage sharing of new ideas and innovative solutions, and incorporating new, and effective techniques to achieve the goals of the centers and departments.

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