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Place of visit: CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Salalah Airport, Salalah.

Date:8th June 2022.

As a step towards strengthening the collaboration with industries 6 faculty members of IT, Engineering and Business Department, UTAS – Salalah visited CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), Salalah on 8th June 2022. The visit’s agenda was to find out the mutual cooperation areas such as Live Projects for UTAS students, training programs for students and employees of CAA, and finding the possibilities of joint ventures on various Research Areas.

First of all, Dr. Khalid Al-Najjar and Mr. Mohammed Jaddad has given a brief introduction about CAA and their requirements, then we splitted into 3 groups with CAA staffs to discuss about the training programs which CAA needs for their employees, Identifying the research areas and projects, enlist the training programs which can be offered by CAA and to identify the possibilities of collaborative projects for UTAS students. After the discussion, we collected their requirements. Meanwhile, we visited the exhibition areas where they have shown and explained about their functioning and equipment’s such as the radar system, navigation system and others. The ATC (Air Traffic control) tower also we visited and the supervisor explained us about the technologies and equipment’s used there to control the flights and other systems briefly.

The faculty members are Dr. Husam Ahmed Ba Sedeeq, Mr. Hatem Suwailam, Dr. Abhishek Dubey, Mr. Devarajan Veerasamy, Dr. Naveen Prasad, Dr. Mithun Vinayak Kulkarni.

Additional Info

  • Academic Year: AY 2021-2022
  • Semester: 3rd Semester
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