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Department of Information Technology (IT) in University of Technology and Applied Sciences (UTAS) - Salalah have conducted a special webinar series for students on 24th November 2020 titled “Become A Graphics Designer”. The speaker was Dr. Wilfred Blessing N. R, Faculty, Information Systems Section, Information Technology Department, UTAS – Salalah. The ultimate goal of this event is to motivate the students on latest trends in their field of specialization, in particular to provide awareness and to develop student’s graphics skills, animation skills and designing skills using online materials. This event also provided exposure to students about various tools to practice online from home. This technical webinar has also inspired the students to become a User Interface (UI) designer and Graphics designer that are primary requirement to become mobile application developer or web application developer. Students joined through Microsoft-Teams, the official media for online meetings.

The speaker Dr. Wilfred Blessing N. R focused and demonstrated the following: The main aim of the Graphic Designer is to focus “Aesthetics”. Designer should support his company or firm or organization for Branding, Promotion, and also in preparing Advertisements, Pamphlet, Flyer, Brochure, Posters, etc. The three roles of a designer are as follows: 1. UX Designer (User Experience Designer) – how things work/process, he understands the user, integrats the product, 2. UI Designer (User Interface Designer) – how things look, making beautiful & useful, 3. UI Developer – Coder/developer with coding skills (technology). The important Skills required for the designers are, for UX/UI Designer: get expertise in software tools such as Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Other online software. For UI/App Developer: practice Android Studio IDE (Android), Xcode IDE (iOS). The speaker focused the types of designing jobs and also how to improve the look and feel of the design. In related to this, speaker focused the skill sets required for the designer. In addition to the knowledge of Design Theories such as Fundamentals of Design, Designing Principles, Color Theory, Visual Grammar, Communication Design. The ultimate role of the designer is to be creative and to have creativity approach. Creativity could give new solution for a problem. The other attributes are communication, time management, research, drawing and aesthetics. The appeal of the design and attractive designing plays important roles in branding, photography, design principles/theory. The speaker suggested good number of Tools for designing including Commercial designing software and Free open source software (FOSS) with practical demonstrations. Then he gave the importance of creating portfolio to show the detailed summary of the results from each project and to show the best works. Also the speaker focused the three types of portfolio such as, Printed Portfolio, Online Portfolio and PDF Portfolio. In addition, the roles of animation projects were also explained. Examples and demonstrations of Online Photo Editors, Whiteboard Animation Free Trial for pc, Game Development, Cartoon, Animation were also explored. It is also advised to get the latest updates in Design Industry from “Google Design” and “Medium” domains. Finally, the speaker gave ideas about international internships and also to prepare resume, cover letters for designer jobs.

The event was initiated by IT Student Club, Student Development Committee, and Information Systems Section of the university. The arrangements were done by student leader Mr. Rashad Ashoor Hajra Bait Farajallah (President of IT Student Club), under the supervision of Mr. Bernard Ugalde (Chairman of Student Development Committee) who gave the welcome and vote of thanks for the event. The chairman of SDC, acknowledged Dr. Abhishek Dubey (Head of the section, IS), Dr. Wilfred Blessing N.R (Speaker of the event) and all the student participants and organizers. The event was well hosted under the guidance of Dr. Fatima Al-Shanfari (Head of the Information Technology Department) with the support of college management. The participants and students were enthusiastic and gave positive feedback to continue such presentations for the welfare of the Oman student community.

Additional Info

  • Academic Year: AY 2020-2021
  • Semester: 1st Semester
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