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Webinar on “Health and Safety”

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Human Resource Department (HRD) Committee of Business Studies Department (BSD) in collaboration with the Information and Technology Department (ITD) organized an exclusive webinar on “Health and Safety”, on Tuesday, 24th November, 2020 for the staff members. The facilitators for the workshop were Mr. Kashif Majeed Shah (ITD) and Mr. Ishaq Shariff, (BSD) Chairman of Health and Safety Committee in the respective departments.

Mr. Kashif Majeed Shah, was the facilitator for “Health and Safety Protocol and General Office Safety Procedures”. During the session, the facilitator discussed various aspects of safety relating to the office, ranging from sick building syndrome to ergonomics. The facilitator provided inputs to the attendees on ergonomics and its usefulness in daily life. The session highlighted the need for the workplace to be kept neat and clean, which could not only improve the aesthetics but also facilitate physical movements. He also discussed safety protocol to be followed during this pandemic.

Mr. Ishaq Shariff was the facilitator of “Health and Safety Policy Awareness” session. He presented essential aspects of “Health and Safety policy” which includes purpose, scope, definitions and policy statements. During the session, the facilitator presented valuable information on the procedures to be followed during different kinds of emergency situations. The Do’s and Don’ts during emergency situations were discussed. It was an interesting session, appreciated by the participants. Various topics on health and safety, including “Safeguarding oneself and others in the unlikely exigency or untoward situations”, were discussed. The presentation was crisp and clear and much appreciated by the participants.

Additional Info

  • Academic Year: AY 2020-2021
  • Semester: 1st Semester
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