College Administration Meeting with the Student Advisory Council

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On Thursday, April 16, 2020, a remote online meeting was conducted between the SCT dean and assistant deans on one side and the members of the SCT Student Advisory Council on the other side. This was a forum where students were given the opportunity to be heard, have their inquiries satisfied, and to hear a clarification on the measures taken to suspend the study in light of the current situation as a result of the Corona disease (COVID-19) outbreak. Additionally, aspects of developing the procedures of distance learning and its associated assessment methods were discussed, that would enhance the efficiency of the process of e-learning and continue to provide all of the educational processes effectively in accordance with the strategic plan of technical colleges (2019-2024) and the Ministry's plan for transformation to electronic services.

Furthermore, during the meeting, additional ways to enhance the learning process were discussed, including students on the council preparing YouTube content that focuses on giving guidance and suggestions on time management, study planning and the appropriate ways to prepare for tests and/or exams to help students improve their e-learning skills in particular in light of the current conditions. And, the college administration welcomed the initiative of students to conduct meaningful and purposeful competitions after the end of 2nd semester exams.

At the end of the virtual meeting, the students expressed their sincere thanks for the permanent support provided by the college administration to them, and in reciprocal fashion, the college commended the efforts made by all stakeholders and/or involved parties inside and outside the college, as well as the spirit of constructive cooperation between the Student Advisory Council and the college proper ,in its various bodies, to constantly seek to develop educational practices and processes in order to best and most comprehensively achieve the college vision and the development of the student community per se and society in general.

Additional Info

  • Academic Year: AY 2019-2020
  • Semester: 2nd Semester
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