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“Salalah Methanol Manufacturing Processes and Industry Expectations from Chemical Engineering Faculty”

SCT Chemical Engineering and Salalah Methanol Company joined efforts and discussed Salalah Methanol Manufacturing Processes and Industry Expectations from Chemical Engineering Faculty.

Engr. Fatima Bakhit Al-Amri, Research and Development Engineer – Salalah Methanol Company (SMC), presented to the chemical engineering students the detailed process and manufacturing of methanol and its applications. The discussion aimed to let the students understand the importance and applications of chemical engineering principles and processes to the solution of problems.

Engr. Viswaraj Ayapilla, Competency Development Specialist - SMC, talked about bridging the gap between academia and industry. Some approaches to tackle the gap include the alignment of curriculum with industry requirements; a regular review of the curriculum that should be developed in accordance with industrial needs. Apart from focusing on curriculum structure, he also talked about exposure of students to handling the industrial equipment and training in line with the current industrial trends.

Engr. Mohammed Salim Al-Awaid, Panel Engineer – SMC, gave an overview of his experiences as a student of SCT-Chemical Engineering, and currently as an employee of SMC.

Additional Info

  • Academic Year: AY 2019-2020
  • Semester: 1st Semester
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