College Policies

The UTAS-SLL has established a Policy Management System that is in compliance with the university of Technology and Applied Sciences mandate. This system governs the development, implementations, and review of the College policies , procedures, guidelines and related documents. These policies and procedures are uniformly applied, monitored and reviewed in a consistent manner and on regular basis.

The policy management system assists and guides the College in achieving its mission, vision, values and objectives; and promotes operational efficiency while reducing the risks. It helps in ensuring that the Collegecomplies with the University manadtes and community expections.

UTAS-SLL has two types of policies:

  1. Academic
  2. Management
Below are the list of approved college policies:
No. Policy No College Policies
sct.1.09.001 Policy Management System
  1. Policy Document
  2. Flow-charts
  3. Forms
  4. Feedback questionnaires
Assessment Policy
Academic Integrity and Honesty Policy (Plagiarism Policy)
Health and Safety Policy
Helpdesk Policy Revision version 2 September 2014 _Final Approved_-Final
Risk Management Policy
Staff Performance Appraisal Policy


  • Appendix-1: Appraisal Weightage Table
  • Appendix-2: In class observation-schedule template
  • Appendix-3: In class observation forms
  • Appendix-4: Encoding and Summary Results for in clas observation
  • Appendix-5: Student Appraisal Schedule
  • Appendix-6: Student Appraisal Questionnaires
  • Appendix-7: Excel workbook to encode student Appraisal Results section wise
  • Appendix-8: Summary of Student Appraisal Results
  • Appendix-9: Appraisees-appraiser list
  • Appendix-10(a): Linking Staff Development tp Appraisal Procedure
  • Appendix-10(b): Staff Development Programs Schedule Template
  • Appendix-11: Staff Recognition Criteria
Research & Consultancy Policy
  • Research and Consultancy: Research Proposal Form
  • Research and Consultancy: Publication Approval FORM
  • Research and Consultancy: Conference/Workshop/Seminar approval Form
  • Research and Consultancy: Authoring Books Form
  • Research and Consultancy: Consultancy Approval FORM
  • Research and Consultancy: Annexure-(i) Research Proposal Grading
Examination Policy Appendices :

Appendices :

  • Appendix-1: Examination Schedule Template
  • Appendix-2: Examination Invigilation duties Schedule Template
  • Appendix-3: Room utilization report
  • Appendix-4: External Examination Observation Schedule
  • Appendix-5: External Examination Observation Report
  • Appendix-6: Student ID Undertaking form
  • Appendix 7: Cheating case report form
  • Appendix-8: Consolidated Report of Cheating cases
  • Appendix-9: Appeal for Re-sit exam form
  • Appendix 10: Appeal for Exam Result Evaluation form
Student Grievance Policy:

Appendices :

  • Appendix-1: Grievance Resolution Form
  • Appendix-2: Investigation Report Form
  • Appendix-3: Grievance Resolution Appeal Form
  • Appendix-4: Student Grievance Register
Curriculum Development and Review Framework
Policies approved in CPSW-1
Mechanism to measure the effectiveness of its Governance & Management
Guidelines to enhance Staff Commitment to QA
Mechanism for the Financial Planning and Management
Mechanism for Collection of Feedback from Industry on GAs, Program LOs and Curriculum
Policy for Student and Staff Involvement in Decision Making in Colleges of Technology
Succession Planning
Policies approved in CPSW-2
Mechanism for enhancing graduate destination and employability
Enhancement of Student Discipline Policy
Documentation Policy
Student retention and progression Policy
Student Centered Learning Approach in Colleges of Technology