• Administration and Financial Affairs

Assistant Dean's Message

Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of the Administration & Financial Affairs Department staff members, I would like to welcome you all. Administration & Financial Affairs Department is one of the most important departments at the college since it facilitates and fulfils most of the activities and needs of staff, requirements of departments and maintaining facilities of the college. It is considered as a backbone of the college which provides all issues concerning staff, items, resources & services required.

Department will always be glad to help you in all issues relating to human resources, finance & administration of the college. Our Department seeks to offer best services to all college employees in order to contribute in the progress and improvement of the college.

I can proudly say that our resources and activities are continuously improving and updating to ensure that we provide an effective environment for our staff and students. I am very confidant and hopeful that all our improvements in services will sustain a strong reputation in providing effective services and develop human resources which response positively with our vision, mission and values of the college

Our website will help you to be updated with our activities and accomplishments. To facilitate our services, we upload most of the forms and procedures of our department. I also encourage all of you to send me your comments and suggestions that may assist me in the improvement of our college.

All the best…

Ammar Salim Al Shanfri
Assistant Dean - Admin & Finance