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The Staff Professional Development (SPD) committee of the English Language Center at UTAS-Salalah provided a number of opportunities for the academic staff to reach their full potential professionally and personally by having organized four webinars and one in-person workshop during the first semester of Academic Year 2021-2022.

The first SPD webinar focused on the challenges faced by the ELT teachers during the Covid-19 pandemic. It was presented by Mrs. Manal Alabsy, an ELC lecturer, to around 40 participants on October 12, 2021.

The second webinar was delivered by Dr.Reynolds, a guest speaker from Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, last November 8, 2021. The webinar shed light on the techniques in increasing students’ engagement with their learning, such as foregrounding “metalanguage” about learning in the class, asking students to complete “exit tickets” after each class, and incorporating tasks that require reflection.

The third SPD program was an in-person workshop on team building. It was conducted by Mr. Edward Stallard, an ELC lecturer, in the Self-Access Center on November 30, 2021. It was an interactive workshop about the essential skills in creating a team. Participants were asked to build towers, which were judged according to their height, aesthetics, and strength.

“Corpus Linguistics” was the fourth webinar. Dr. Niall Curry from Coventry University in the UK talked about what is corpus linguistics and how can it help with English language teaching and learning. About 50 participants joined the said webinar on December 1, 2021.

The last webinar was presented by Mr. Salim Al-Mashani, the HoS-English Language Program, on December 13, 2021. He talked about the essence of leadership, types of leadership, and attributes of leaders. He highlighted the important roles of leaders in the higher education sector.

The ELC administration, headed by Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, commended the SPD committee, which is chaired by Ms. Muna Kashoob, for its continuous efforts in organizing webinars, workshop, and other training programs for the ELC staff.

Preparations for the 4th annual ELT symposium are underway. The event will be participated by academics and researchers across the Sultanate of Oman on March 17, 2022.

Since the global outbreak of Covid-19, the English Language Center has been conducting its induction program online for new students of the General Foundation Program. Last October 5, 2021, however, the ELC managed to convene around 320 students in the Multi-purpose Hall to familiarize them with academic procedures, learning platforms and resources, policies, as well as the culture and norms at UTAS-Salalah.

Mr. Saeed Salim Al-Mashiki, the Head of ELC, delivered the welcome message. He gave a bird’s-eye view of the ELC structure and the comprehensive training program offered by the ELC prior to students’ admission to the Post-Foundation Program. He stressed the role of the Center in honing students’ language skills that are vital for specialized programs.

In addition, Ms. Samha Al Mashali, the Level 1 Coordinator, explained the GFP-English Course Assessment, Delivery Plan, class schedule, and learning resources. She also discussed the curriculum and rules in GFP Math and IT.

The third speaker Ms. Amal Alwadi, a member of the Induction Committee, presented the University Vision, Mission, Goals, and Graduate Attributes. Also, she demonstrated how to use the Moodle/ E-learning platform, the CIMS, and the University email to access information and announcements.

Finally, Mr. Khalid Al-Ghafri a member of the Grievance Committee, enlightened the students about University policies on student discipline, student appeal, student feedback, student grievances, and plagiarism.

The success of the induction program was attributed to the attendees’ adherence to safety measures against Coronavirus and to the University Administration for preparing the hall.

ELC holds first virtual award ceremony

In adherence to the decision of the Supreme Committee to strictly observe physical distancing in the workplace, the English Language Center (ELC) held its first ever virtual award ceremony on the 29th of June 2021 via MS Teams.

During his message, Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, expressed his gratitude to the entire ELC staff for their contributions to the Center amid the global pandemic. The Head of the ELC mentioned that both the academic and support staff play a crucial role in the success delivery of remote learning because of their spirit of teamwork, patience, and cooperation.  

The Patron of the ceremony was Dr. Mohammed Rashid Almamari, the Dean of UTAS-Salalah College of Technology. He commended the ELC administration for initiating such an event and the ELC staff for their hard work and dedication.

The awardees in different categories are as follows:

ELT National Virtual Symposium

  1. Ms. Huda Al Huraibi           –          Organizer
  2. Ms. Muna Kashoob            –          Organizer
  3. Ms. Kamla Koofan              –          Organizer
  4. Ms. Samha Al Mashali       –          Member
  5. Ms. Nawal Al Jameel         –           Member
  6. Ms. Amal Alawadi              –          Member
  7. Mr. Shoaib Al Balushi        –          Member
  8. Mr. Khalid Al Ghafri           –          Member
  9. Mr. Randy Magdaluyo       –          Member
  10. Dr. Rais Attamimi               –          Member
  11. Mr. Edward Stallard          –           Member
  12. Mr. Antony Jawahar          –          Member
  13. Ms. Laveena Lazar             –           Member
  14. Mr. Bernard Ugalde          –           IT Support
  15. Ms. Melissa Juanillo           –         IT Support
  16. Mr. Melanio Calangian      –          ETC Support
  17. Mr. Abdelaziz Gali Hamid  –          ETC Support
  18. Mr. Amir Hajjaj                    –         ETC Support
  19. Ms. Hakima Mohammed   –         ETC Support
  20. Mr. Junn Eric Timoteo       –           ETC Support

ELC Webinar Speakers

  1. Dr. Muna Muqaibal        –              Staff Professional Development
  2. Dr. V.M. Sundar                –             Staff Professional Development
  3. Dr. Aju Thomas                –             Research and Consultancy
  4. Mr. Edward Stallard        –             Research and Consultancy
  5. Dr. Manizhe Alami          –            Research and Consultancy

International Webinar Speakers

  1. Dr. Lorna Beduya               –           Staff Professional Development
  2. Ms. Gaby Lawson             –            Staff Professional Development

ELC Magazine

  1. Dr. Claire Orpilla                  –         Editor in Chief
  2. Mr. John Richard O’Neil     –         Associate Editor
  3. Mr. Jon Chittick                   –         Copy Editor
  4. Mr. Anurag Thota               –          Feature Editor
  5. Mr. Melanio Calangian      –          Cover Editor
  6. Ms. Huda Al Huraibi           –          Contributing Editor
  7. Ms. Sharooq  Reehan          –         Contributor
  8. Dr. Muna Muqaibal            –         Contributor
  9. Ms. Rachel Joseph              –          Contributor
  10. Ms. Hridhya Menon           –          Contributor
  11. Mr. Osman Mohammed    –         Contributor
  12. Ms. Marion Wilton             –          Contributor
  13. Dr. Wifred Blessing             –         Contributor (IT Department)
  14. Dr. Mohammed Nazeer      –        Contributor (Business Studies Department)
  15. Sharifa Al Kathiri                  –        Contributor (Engineering Department)
  16. Majed Al Ghassani              –         Contributor (English Language Center)

ELC Staff who are Leaving

  1. Ms. Marily Gayeta       
  2. Ms. Radhika Kumar
  3. Ms. John Richard O’Neil
  4. Mr. Zaid Owda

ELC Management Support

  1. Ms. Muna Al Maashani      –         Timetable Coordinator
  2. Dr. Rana Aslam                    –          Post-Foundation Coordinator
  3. Ms. Rekha Siby                    –          Level 4 Coordinator
  4. Mr. Aminah Sutphen         –          Level 3 Coordinator
  5. Mr. Musallam Al Mahri     –          Level 2 Coordinator
  6. Ms. Samha Al Mashali       –          Level 1 Coordinator
  7. Ms. Salina Mascrelhas       –          QA Expert
  8. Mr. Shoaib Al Balushi        –          Registrar & Data Analyst
  9. Ms. Yusra Said                    –          Assistant Registrar
  10. Mr. Farrukh Irshad             –          GFP Exam Coordinator
  11. Dr. Iyyappan S.                   –           PFP Exam Representative
  12. Mr. Kamal Moaaz              –           Resource Requirement Coordinator
  13. Dr. Claire Orpilla                –           Department Coordinator


Meanwhile, the master of ceremonies during the event was Mr. Salim Al-Maashani, the HoS-English Language Programs, while Ms. Khayar Alamri, the HoS-Curriculum and Teaching Methods, closed the event by expressing her profound gratitude and felicitations to all staff for a job well done despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Various features of MS Teams which help facilitate online classes more interactive and engaging were explored through a virtual workshop conducted by the ELC E-Learning Coordinator on May 19, 2021.

Mr. Antony Jawahar provided hands-on training on different features of MS Teams such as Announcements, Polls, Insights, Integrating Moodle, Class Materials, and Class Notebook. More than 70 participants from the ELC and other departments of UTAS-Salalah attended the virtual workshop, and all their queries were addressed.

Before the workshop started, Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, HoC-ELC, appreciated the staff for their efforts and encouraged them to effectively use the said online platform. Ms. Aminah Sutphen, Level 3 Coordinator and member of E-Learning Committee, moderated the workshop.

Around 45 ELC staff participated a webinar on “Ideas for Teaching Academic Reading Skills” last Tuesday, May 11, 2021, which was organized by the Staff Professional Development (SPD) committee.

The webinar was presented by Ms. Gabriella Lawson, a teacher, presenter and teacher developer at Monash College, Melbourne, Australia. She shed light on teaching various reading strategies and skills. She also shared useful websites, materials, and ideas on how to help students learn vocabulary and summary skills.

At the end of the webinar, the SPD committee chair Ms. Muna Kashoob thanked the speaker, the HoC-ELC, and the participants for making the webinar possible and successful.

Around 40 ELC staff joined a webinar on “Best Online Teaching Practices and Useful Applications” last Sunday, May 2, 2021, which was organized by the Staff Professional Development (SPD) committee.

The webinar was presented by Dr. Lorna Beduya, a former English Language Lecturer at UTAS-Salalah and now working at Hiroshima Bunkyo University, Japan. She gave a brief introduction about her teaching experiences in her current workplace. Then, she recommended useful applications and platforms which facilitate online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic. She likewise shared some tips on how to use technology in online teaching.

At the end of the webinar, Ms. Muna Kashoob, SPD committee chair, stated that actively pursuing professional development among the ELC staff helps ensure that their knowledge and skills stay relevant and up-to-date.  She thanked the administration of Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki for the support extended to the committee. She also disclosed that her team is planning to conduct another webinar on May 11, 2021.

A webinar on “Research from the Online Classroom and its Different Aspects” was conducted for the ELC staff on the 29th of April, 2021 by Mr. Edward Stallard, ELC Lecturer.

He explained the different ways to get the most out of Microsoft Teams and he also introduced certain applications that may make online class much interactive. Around 45 attendees contributed their ideas in making online teaching a fruitful task during the interactive session. All the queries related to the topic were addressed by the speaker.

Meanwhile, Mr. Saeed Al Mashiki, HoC-ELC, encouraged the staff to engage in research by focusing on the different aspects of online teaching. He thanked Dr. Aju Thomas and other members of Research and Consultancy Committee for organizing the said webinar.  

The Research and Consultancy (R&C) committee of the English Language Center (ELC) spearheaded an informative webinar on Research Writing Proposals and The Research Council (TRC) Grant Schemes and Funding Criteria.

Dr. Aju Thomas, the R&C committee chairperson, organized and delivered a webinar, explaining in detail how to write research proposals and how to submit such proposals for TRC funding to around 40 participants last February 23, 2021.

The TRC under the umbrella of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, envisions Oman to become a regional hub for innovation, and a leader in producing new ideas, products and services. The new administration of the University of Technology and Applied Sciences (UTAS)–Salalah is raising the threshold and encourages staff in all departments to take these opportunities in research writing.

“We need to focus more on the research prospects in English Language Teaching (ELT),” Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, the Head of ELC, emphasized when he addressed the participants. He also urged them to work on different research areas related to ELT and motivated them to apply for TRC grants.

Dr. Mohammed Rashid Al Mamari, the new Dean of UTAS-Salalah joined the said webinar.

The English Language Center (ELC) honoured six lecturers and eight security guards in recognition of their valuable contributions to the Center in particular and to the University of Technology and Applied Sciences (UTAS) - Salalah in general.

Held on February 23, 2021 in the Self-Access Center, the awards ceremony aimed at boosting higher staff morale apart from work productivity and efficiency.   Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, the Head of ELC, believed that it is vital to make the staff valued in the organization and offer them a sense of growth.

The first set of awardees were staff who served in the ELC Council as Head of the Section, Quality Assurance Coordinator, Level Coordinators, Afternoon Shift In-Charge, and Assistant Registrar:

  1. V. Murali Krsihna
  2. Salina Mascrelhas
  3. Helen Jemima
  4. Randy Magdaluyo
  5. Kamal Moaaz
  6. Shurooq Reehan

Another batch of awardees were UTAS-Salalah security guards who helped in the smooth and safe conduct of the General Foundation Program in-person final exams during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Amal Al Huli
  2. Asma Sameer
  3. Moomina Fada
  4. Naseem Al Noode
  5. Ayman Duhaish
  6. Fatak Awadh
  7. Nail Sultan
  8. Talal Baraka

Meanwhile, the event was graced by the Dean - Dr. Mohammed Al Mamari, the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs – Dr. Nasser Al Kolbani, and the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs – Mr. Ammar Al Shanfari.

Safety precautionary measures were strictly observed during the awards ceremony.

The Research & Consultancy Committee of the English Language Center organized a webinar on Research Skills Enhancement and its different aspects on the 26th of January, 2021.

Step-by-step procedures on how to write an academic paper were explained in detail by Dr. Manizheh Alami, ELC Lecturer. She also presented the relevance of classroom action research in the webinar. Around 40 participants attended the webinar, and all the queries related to the topic were addressed.

Mr. Saeed Al Mashiki, HOC, ELC stressed in his introductory remarks the need to focus more on the different research aspects related to English Language Teaching. He also encouraged all the participants to engage in research which may strengthen the research-teaching nexus.

Dr. Aju Thomas, R & C Committee Chairperson, thanked all the staff who participated actively in the webinar.

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